Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 42 "A breath of fresh air"

Man just when things were going great the Lord decided to move me!! I have been transferred to the Las Vegas of Australia. It is called Gold Coast and it is crazy!! I am in the area Burleigh. This area is so crazy!! It is a white rich people place. Super rich and high class living. I am out of place right now. Every one is driving really flash cars and lives in huge massive houses. You will not believe the photos I send next week of the area!! 

My new comp is finally one that I will be able to visit after my mission. He is from OREM UTAH!!! Final I got an American comp and we are going to smash it now!! His name is Elder Westbrook. He is the man. We are in the hardest area in the mission work wise. Not much happens since everybody is too rich for church or listening to us. We will see how it goes though. I have high hopes for it. Positivity is the key. 

So since we live in a flash area we have a really flash house. It is the niceness in the mission. I can’t really describe it so I will send pics next week. 

Elder Choi is staying in Beenleigh. I did not think I was going to get transferred. We had 5 solid baptisms coming up and heaps of good things going for us. I am a bit upset that I left but also really excited for this new part of my mission. Being up north I never got moved around but now that I am down south I don’t seem to stay in an area long or with a comp for very long. Oh well not my will but the Lords. 

Really the only thing that I want to share is about Jody Boyce. The lady I baptized last week. At church on fast Sunday while everyone was getting up to give their testimony Jody got up out of the blue and gave hers. It was the coolest moment of my whole mission. Every since she got baptized the holy ghost has just helped her so much and caused her to grow. She does family history work and is preparing to go do baptisms for the dead for her parents and family. Well when she got up I was a bit nervous she might say a weird thing or mess up but it was the purest best testimony I have ever heard!! In that moment when she was up there every bad thing that has ever happened, every mean person we have meet just was made up for it. To know that I helped this family and Jody gain a testimony and help get her on the right track was amazing!! It was the best!! 

As for the rest of the week we did our normal thing and door knocked and taught lessons. Elder Choi and I did get along but we had moments where he would just not talk and it was hard. We had fun though and I learned heaps from him!! It was good. It is weird to be moved on now. 

Upon saying goodbye to all the members our 1st counselors got up and told all the members I was leaving and gave me a really cool comment that helped me feel good about my mission efforts. He said I was the breath of fresh air that the Beenleigh ward needed. I thought that was pretty cool of him to say and all the members said keep being positive and be you. That was fun to hear. I love this work and the things that happen to make me, me. The Lord sent me here to be me not to try and be someone else. 

I wish I had more to say but with a new area I don’t have much. I will have heaps next week since this area is so crazy!! I wish you all the best and thank you for the love and prayers. 

Elder Cahoon

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