Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Week 44 Be Humble or . . .

This week was a bit of a late email due to us going to the temple today. (Wednesday) So we had to wait until today to email. Sorry about that.

This week was pretty normal as far as mission work goes. Right now our members are really getting the hang of member mission work and it makes it so much easier for us to do mission work when we have the members on board. It is really great!

One thing I have found is that if I work hard, Elder Westbrook will work hard but as I slack he will slack. So it has been hard to go go go and keep things going when if I stop he stops. But non the less we still are doing good.

He came down with a sickness that caused him to want to receive a blessing. We talked about stories of people being healed from cancer and other sicknesses so when he got his blessing he was very hopeful to wake up the next morning and be healed. Well long story short he work up even sicker. We got to talking that day and I started to boast of myself. Never again. So long story short again this week I learned a really good lesson on being humble.

Our conversation went like this. I bet if I broke a bone and asked for a blessing I could be healed. I have seen some really cool miracles on my mission so I thought I had enough faith. Literally 1 hour later we got out of a meeting with our bishop and started to throw an American football around. I went up for a catch and it hit my ring finger so hard and really hurt it. I thought nothing of it just a hurt finger. Well for the next few days it got huge and really big and I could not move it. So the mission doctor had a look and declared it a broken finger. Heavenly Father was really putting me to the test. I mean I did ask for a broken bone I guess, so I could show my amazing faith and be healed. So I learned first that Heavenly Father has a good sense of humor and to not boast of myself because as to my strength I am week. Haha it was pretty funny but now my finger really hurts!!

While at the temple today we got to have interviews with our mission president and he is just the best. It is like talking with an apostle. He is so amazing. He shared with me how really doing mission work 24/7 can be hard but the Lord will give us strength. It was just amazing. He just goes 24/7.

This week we were a bit slow in mission work. None of our investigators kept their appointments so we had to do a lot of finding and following up. Some people can be so funny at the door and we have gotten pretty cleaver to catch people in their words and in a sense use their own words against them. haha

The only real investigator we have is named Celia and she is on date to be baptized September 15. Her only set back is her boyfriend . They are dating and getting married on the 24 of September so it is a bit weird that she is getting baptized before. In our lesson on the law of chastity she planned out when she will obey it so she can get baptized. It is a really weird situation that I got transferred into.

The big news I found out is Sam and Angus from up in Charters and Ary are both getting baptized in September and are going really good right now. It was so fun to hear that all that hard work is paying off for the elders up there. We have a saying in our mission, when one elder baptizes we all baptize. It is so fun to help lift others up and get excited for those that are doing good.

Thanks for the love and prayers. Have a good week and be humble or it will bite you in the butt.


Elder Cahoon

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