Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Week 43 The Gold Coast is crazy


The houses here are massive!! Knocking doors is really interesting. Most of the homes have the new camera doorbells at the gate in front of the house. So we can go 10 doors and never see a person but still talk to them. It can get frustrating. Still the work goes on and we have still had success. It is just a lot slower.

This is still the Lord’s work and he has been preparing people. We knocked into a nice lady named Roslyn who really took to the Plan of Salvation. We had a brief lesson at the door and she invited us to come back. Now that I am a zone leader I have do go on trade off a lot more. Well Elder Westbrook my comp left me hanging in the area. He left to go with the other elders and I had to figure out what we were going to do for a day. Lots of door knocking but that’s beside the point. Elder Tuitama and I went back to see Roslyn and she invited us to the back of her mansion. It is right on the lake with a great view. She wanted to come to church and really thinks it is amazing that God has called a prophet again. She is an older lady with huge potential.

In all my areas the members have never really shared the gospel with their friends. I am not bagging on them but this area the members are so proactive in sharing the gospel. I have a fun story with a spiritual side too.

So one day after 3 hours of painful door knocking we really wanted Dominos Pizza. So when we finished we looked it up in our GPS and drove to the location. There was no shop there so we went to another one and then another one. Each one was a fair bit away from each other and we were getting frustrated that we could not find this pizza. Lo and behold we spent our whole lunch driving looking for pizza and decided to have our companion study in the car while we drove to the last location. Again no pizza. We were starving at this point and had wasted an hour. Yeah that sounds bad but there was a reason our desire for pizza was so strong. We kept saying ah lets give up but we kept feeling the need to keep looking. Well we decided to call a member and ask if she knows where a shop is for pizza. As we called here she told us in 5 minutes she was having a non member come over to her home to talk about the Book of Mormon. What the heck right. So we dropped every thing and drove to this member’s house a few minutes away. When we got there he was there with her and asked why we stopped by. This is where it gets great. She said, “They are coming over for lunch. I got pizza for them:)” haha No way what the heck just happened. We got a new investigator named Dave and a free lunch that just happened to be pizza. If that does not grow your testimony I don’t know what will. God works in so many neat ways. It all started from a really deep pizza craving but ended in sharing the gospel with a man who has been prepared by God. It was really cool.

The members always carry a Book of Mormon around and give them out. It makes it way easier to do the work. We can knock on 1000 doors and get 1 solid investigator or we can have a member invite them and the chance goes up to 660 in 1000 to have a solid investigator. I will take those chances any day.

Another member had us over and told us about a friend that has a son who has been going to mutual and wants to come to church. We went to stop by the address and both the young kid and mom invited themselves to church. The best part with this family is they are best friends with a member family. They live in a massive house right on the beach. It is in my photos and looks squarish but has lots of floors. There are five floors and an elevator in the house. It’s crazy here on the coast.

Anyway even though the work is hard it keeps going in ways you never see. At church I was asked to give the opening prayer. It was fun to meet all the members and see their readiness to share the gospel.

For Sunday school, the lady giving the lesson is the one with the pizza miracle and her lesson was on members being missionaries. She shared our little experience and then another member shared her referral story. The members are so ready to go now. I can’t wait to have dinner with them. We still get fed every night which is really good.

Elder Westbrook and I are going ok. He likes to take charge and teach all by himself. He taught a whole lesson to one of our investigators on date. I tried to speak but kept getting cut off. It was frustrating. But I will talk to him about it. He is sorta the kid that likes to do things himself. So we are struggling a bit but are doing better. Ah the other thing that drives me nuts is his ability to fart 100 times a day. Not just a little one but giant earth shaking ones. He just does not care. Even in front of investigators and people we have never met. He is quiet the embarrassment some times. It makes it interesting. Haha But we are getting along so don’t worry about a thing mom. Life is going good right now.

I miss Beenleigh and the investigators there. Elder Choi will have fun getting 5 baptisms this transfer. President said I could call and check in so I will still keep in touch.

Thanks for all the love. I hope all is well back home. Thanks to all those who sent me an email. That was fun. You are all the best. Until next week...

Love, Elder Cahoon... God is great and Joseph Smith is his true prophet.

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