Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 45 Things are starting to pick up.

Another week has come and gone. Time is just flying right now.

As you know going to the temple was just great!! It really got us going for the week and we had our most productive week. As for my finger I can make a fist now but it is still very big and painful. Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor.

A few weeks ago I spoke about Roslyn. We have been hit and miss with her and finally we caught her at a time that we could sit down and teach. It was a pretty okay lesson. She had heaps of questions and was all over the place but once we got into the groove things went great!! We taught about having faith and praying for answers...She said oh I pray all the time and have never got an answer. We asked well how do you pray...I pray to Mary. We could not hold back the laughs. haha Oh well that is why you are not getting answers. Mary is just a normal person who was Jesus’ mom. She is not the source of all truth. haha It was just one of those mission moments. She said a prayer for us and prayed to Heavenly Father, we will see how the follow up goes this week.

In our Zone we had a baptism on Saturday and it was amazing to see this man and the testimony that he has. He is from Brazil and when we went to do the interview I said, “eu falo Portugues.” haha It means I speak Portuguese, but I don’t really. That is just all I know how to say. It took him by surprise and he went off in Portuguese at me. He lives in one of the tallest building in Gold Coast and on the top floor so when we did the interview we had the best view in the whole world!! Early in the morning he says he sees whales jump up and breach. While we were interviewing I was watching a massive wave brake and there were 2 dolphins on the wave surfing it. It was the coolest thing ever. They kept jumping out and riding the wave.

Gustavo is his name and when he first met the elders he said he did not believe in God or anything. Man his testimony now is so powerful!! He is quite the guy!! It is just so amazing right now to see someone’s life go from being totally lost and hopeless to having the strongest testimony and the most happiness they have ever felt.

When he got baptized the size of the smile on his face was massive!! He was just so amazing and he got up at the service and gave the purest testimony ever!! I love hearing a recently baptized persons testimony. It is pure and from the heart! They only know the basics but what they do know is true. It is just amazing!!

Man at the baptism I was on trade off with Elder Tuitama who is Samoan. He got up and asked the bishop if we could sing a musical item. So when we got there he told me we would be singing all by ourselves. I was ok with it up north since we had heaps of people but this time it was just us. Oh man it was so embarrassing. I was going to die. haha I love to sing but not in front of heaps of people. It went well though and people said we did a good job. It must have been a sight to see though.

Things just keep pushing on. We are having a great time in this area and things are starting to pick up. When I got here we only had 2 investigators but now we have about 7 or 8 and things are looking up.

One of the members referral is Rebecca. She has been so busy and still has never had time for an appointment but this week when we followed up again she said I am busy now but please don’t give up on me. Haha ok you said it not us. She is great and in 3 weeks when she stops working she will progress really fast!!

I am going to die when I go back to Utah. I am so used to being hot right now that when it gets cold I get really cold. It has only gotten down to like 18 degrees, which is like 60, but man that is so cold right now. I bet I sound like a wimp but man I just shiver to death!! It is so cold. I can’t imagine going home to below zero temperatures.

Love you all have a good week,

Elder Cahoon 

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