Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Week 44 Be Humble or . . .

This week was a bit of a late email due to us going to the temple today. (Wednesday) So we had to wait until today to email. Sorry about that.

This week was pretty normal as far as mission work goes. Right now our members are really getting the hang of member mission work and it makes it so much easier for us to do mission work when we have the members on board. It is really great!

One thing I have found is that if I work hard, Elder Westbrook will work hard but as I slack he will slack. So it has been hard to go go go and keep things going when if I stop he stops. But non the less we still are doing good.

He came down with a sickness that caused him to want to receive a blessing. We talked about stories of people being healed from cancer and other sicknesses so when he got his blessing he was very hopeful to wake up the next morning and be healed. Well long story short he work up even sicker. We got to talking that day and I started to boast of myself. Never again. So long story short again this week I learned a really good lesson on being humble.

Our conversation went like this. I bet if I broke a bone and asked for a blessing I could be healed. I have seen some really cool miracles on my mission so I thought I had enough faith. Literally 1 hour later we got out of a meeting with our bishop and started to throw an American football around. I went up for a catch and it hit my ring finger so hard and really hurt it. I thought nothing of it just a hurt finger. Well for the next few days it got huge and really big and I could not move it. So the mission doctor had a look and declared it a broken finger. Heavenly Father was really putting me to the test. I mean I did ask for a broken bone I guess, so I could show my amazing faith and be healed. So I learned first that Heavenly Father has a good sense of humor and to not boast of myself because as to my strength I am week. Haha it was pretty funny but now my finger really hurts!!

While at the temple today we got to have interviews with our mission president and he is just the best. It is like talking with an apostle. He is so amazing. He shared with me how really doing mission work 24/7 can be hard but the Lord will give us strength. It was just amazing. He just goes 24/7.

This week we were a bit slow in mission work. None of our investigators kept their appointments so we had to do a lot of finding and following up. Some people can be so funny at the door and we have gotten pretty cleaver to catch people in their words and in a sense use their own words against them. haha

The only real investigator we have is named Celia and she is on date to be baptized September 15. Her only set back is her boyfriend . They are dating and getting married on the 24 of September so it is a bit weird that she is getting baptized before. In our lesson on the law of chastity she planned out when she will obey it so she can get baptized. It is a really weird situation that I got transferred into.

The big news I found out is Sam and Angus from up in Charters and Ary are both getting baptized in September and are going really good right now. It was so fun to hear that all that hard work is paying off for the elders up there. We have a saying in our mission, when one elder baptizes we all baptize. It is so fun to help lift others up and get excited for those that are doing good.

Thanks for the love and prayers. Have a good week and be humble or it will bite you in the butt.


Elder Cahoon

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Week 43 The Gold Coast is crazy


The houses here are massive!! Knocking doors is really interesting. Most of the homes have the new camera doorbells at the gate in front of the house. So we can go 10 doors and never see a person but still talk to them. It can get frustrating. Still the work goes on and we have still had success. It is just a lot slower.

This is still the Lord’s work and he has been preparing people. We knocked into a nice lady named Roslyn who really took to the Plan of Salvation. We had a brief lesson at the door and she invited us to come back. Now that I am a zone leader I have do go on trade off a lot more. Well Elder Westbrook my comp left me hanging in the area. He left to go with the other elders and I had to figure out what we were going to do for a day. Lots of door knocking but that’s beside the point. Elder Tuitama and I went back to see Roslyn and she invited us to the back of her mansion. It is right on the lake with a great view. She wanted to come to church and really thinks it is amazing that God has called a prophet again. She is an older lady with huge potential.

In all my areas the members have never really shared the gospel with their friends. I am not bagging on them but this area the members are so proactive in sharing the gospel. I have a fun story with a spiritual side too.

So one day after 3 hours of painful door knocking we really wanted Dominos Pizza. So when we finished we looked it up in our GPS and drove to the location. There was no shop there so we went to another one and then another one. Each one was a fair bit away from each other and we were getting frustrated that we could not find this pizza. Lo and behold we spent our whole lunch driving looking for pizza and decided to have our companion study in the car while we drove to the last location. Again no pizza. We were starving at this point and had wasted an hour. Yeah that sounds bad but there was a reason our desire for pizza was so strong. We kept saying ah lets give up but we kept feeling the need to keep looking. Well we decided to call a member and ask if she knows where a shop is for pizza. As we called here she told us in 5 minutes she was having a non member come over to her home to talk about the Book of Mormon. What the heck right. So we dropped every thing and drove to this member’s house a few minutes away. When we got there he was there with her and asked why we stopped by. This is where it gets great. She said, “They are coming over for lunch. I got pizza for them:)” haha No way what the heck just happened. We got a new investigator named Dave and a free lunch that just happened to be pizza. If that does not grow your testimony I don’t know what will. God works in so many neat ways. It all started from a really deep pizza craving but ended in sharing the gospel with a man who has been prepared by God. It was really cool.

The members always carry a Book of Mormon around and give them out. It makes it way easier to do the work. We can knock on 1000 doors and get 1 solid investigator or we can have a member invite them and the chance goes up to 660 in 1000 to have a solid investigator. I will take those chances any day.

Another member had us over and told us about a friend that has a son who has been going to mutual and wants to come to church. We went to stop by the address and both the young kid and mom invited themselves to church. The best part with this family is they are best friends with a member family. They live in a massive house right on the beach. It is in my photos and looks squarish but has lots of floors. There are five floors and an elevator in the house. It’s crazy here on the coast.

Anyway even though the work is hard it keeps going in ways you never see. At church I was asked to give the opening prayer. It was fun to meet all the members and see their readiness to share the gospel.

For Sunday school, the lady giving the lesson is the one with the pizza miracle and her lesson was on members being missionaries. She shared our little experience and then another member shared her referral story. The members are so ready to go now. I can’t wait to have dinner with them. We still get fed every night which is really good.

Elder Westbrook and I are going ok. He likes to take charge and teach all by himself. He taught a whole lesson to one of our investigators on date. I tried to speak but kept getting cut off. It was frustrating. But I will talk to him about it. He is sorta the kid that likes to do things himself. So we are struggling a bit but are doing better. Ah the other thing that drives me nuts is his ability to fart 100 times a day. Not just a little one but giant earth shaking ones. He just does not care. Even in front of investigators and people we have never met. He is quiet the embarrassment some times. It makes it interesting. Haha But we are getting along so don’t worry about a thing mom. Life is going good right now.

I miss Beenleigh and the investigators there. Elder Choi will have fun getting 5 baptisms this transfer. President said I could call and check in so I will still keep in touch.

Thanks for all the love. I hope all is well back home. Thanks to all those who sent me an email. That was fun. You are all the best. Until next week...

Love, Elder Cahoon... God is great and Joseph Smith is his true prophet.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 42 "A breath of fresh air"

Man just when things were going great the Lord decided to move me!! I have been transferred to the Las Vegas of Australia. It is called Gold Coast and it is crazy!! I am in the area Burleigh. This area is so crazy!! It is a white rich people place. Super rich and high class living. I am out of place right now. Every one is driving really flash cars and lives in huge massive houses. You will not believe the photos I send next week of the area!! 

My new comp is finally one that I will be able to visit after my mission. He is from OREM UTAH!!! Final I got an American comp and we are going to smash it now!! His name is Elder Westbrook. He is the man. We are in the hardest area in the mission work wise. Not much happens since everybody is too rich for church or listening to us. We will see how it goes though. I have high hopes for it. Positivity is the key. 

So since we live in a flash area we have a really flash house. It is the niceness in the mission. I can’t really describe it so I will send pics next week. 

Elder Choi is staying in Beenleigh. I did not think I was going to get transferred. We had 5 solid baptisms coming up and heaps of good things going for us. I am a bit upset that I left but also really excited for this new part of my mission. Being up north I never got moved around but now that I am down south I don’t seem to stay in an area long or with a comp for very long. Oh well not my will but the Lords. 

Really the only thing that I want to share is about Jody Boyce. The lady I baptized last week. At church on fast Sunday while everyone was getting up to give their testimony Jody got up out of the blue and gave hers. It was the coolest moment of my whole mission. Every since she got baptized the holy ghost has just helped her so much and caused her to grow. She does family history work and is preparing to go do baptisms for the dead for her parents and family. Well when she got up I was a bit nervous she might say a weird thing or mess up but it was the purest best testimony I have ever heard!! In that moment when she was up there every bad thing that has ever happened, every mean person we have meet just was made up for it. To know that I helped this family and Jody gain a testimony and help get her on the right track was amazing!! It was the best!! 

As for the rest of the week we did our normal thing and door knocked and taught lessons. Elder Choi and I did get along but we had moments where he would just not talk and it was hard. We had fun though and I learned heaps from him!! It was good. It is weird to be moved on now. 

Upon saying goodbye to all the members our 1st counselors got up and told all the members I was leaving and gave me a really cool comment that helped me feel good about my mission efforts. He said I was the breath of fresh air that the Beenleigh ward needed. I thought that was pretty cool of him to say and all the members said keep being positive and be you. That was fun to hear. I love this work and the things that happen to make me, me. The Lord sent me here to be me not to try and be someone else. 

I wish I had more to say but with a new area I don’t have much. I will have heaps next week since this area is so crazy!! I wish you all the best and thank you for the love and prayers. 

Elder Cahoon

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 41 Double Baptisms

Haha. Wow what a week. I am not doing individual emails today so I can type a big email. Heaps of amazing things happened this week!! I love being on a mission so much. Sorry fam I might have time at the end to do a personal one.

Ok I want to start with the BAPTISMS!!!! haha yes!!!! It finally happened after Jody missed her last one we made sure she would not miss this one!! Matthew was not even a worry about canceling. He was so ready. This whole week we went and saw both of them every night to keep things going strong. After each visit we just felt so good. The Boyce family are amazing and you can see them growing in love for each other and testimony!! This gospel blesses lives!!

The time came for the 2 interviews on Friday and there was a huge car wreck on the way so both the Zone Leaders and us were running way late!! As most of you know I can navigate myself pretty well so we went on an adventure through the bush roads the back way. We ended up finding a shortcut that passed all the traffic and we made it to both of their interviews on time.

Matthew was first and he put on a big feast for the ZL and us. Again some kind of meat that was really good. I think pork. Well he is just the type of man that anyone could get along with. We had a really fun dinner and proceeded to have his interview!! He passed and we moved on to Jody just down the road. She was ready and so excited. It was a fast interview. She just knows her stuff.

We did this Friday night before the baptism and went to bed and then woke up at 6 to be ready by 8 to start filling the font. Two hours later we had a font full of hot water!!

Both Matthew and Jody showed up early so we went through what we would be going to do. Elder Paramore and his comp from Germany got permission to come and Elder Paramore gave a great talk!!

The time finally came for the baptism part and I hopped into the water and then Jody came down. We got all ready and I said everything right and then dunked her. Her arm stuck out so I pushed it down. When she came up the witnesses said you forgot amen. So Jody blurts out in an awesome way "AMEN." Haha. We had to do it over and we got it right the second time. It was so fun. It was my first time baptizing someone. It was a neat experience. I got out and Matthew and his son-in-law Ofaatu got in. I stood at the stairs to watch. It was beautiful to see two souls be forgiven of all their sins and look so happy. It brought me so much joy and a deeper drive to get out and work harder.

This happened on the 24th and it also happened to be the McSwains anniversary. So our AP sent out a mission text without the president knowing but we made a goal to set 42 baptismal dates for the 42 years that they have been married. Well after our baptism we prayed to be led by the spirit to know who to see so we could set a solid date. Well we were blessed and set 3. Tracy for the 15 of July. Ivan for the 15 of July. And a less-active's son named Joshiah for the 22 of July. Things are just going so well right now.

Elder Choi and I found our groove and are doing heaps better. We now go to an English class on Saturdays with a senior couple and all the Asian missionaries in the mission. It is the bomb!!

On this day the AP's had us text them every time we set one so they could send it to the whole mission and inspire us and see miracles. Well I got a message from Sam in Ayr. Elder Fukafuka (our AP) is on trade off up there with Elder Martin who took my place and committed Sam to finally give up his smoking habit. He made a solemn oath that he would do it this week so he could enter the water of baptism so that in a year in July 2018 he can go to the temple with Elder Cahoon!! He still remembers me and calls every so often. You have to be a member a year before going to the temple but he is determined to do it and do it with me!! I am so excited to have him come down and enter the temple with me right before I go home.

Speaking of my old area, I got word that Angus is not baptized but his son is I think. They are still coming along but just need constant work. Someday.

Oh this Sunday after the baptism Jody asked if I would confirm her. Geez I got so scared. We have an awesome ward and she is a great person but I hate giving blessing in front of people. Haha. I said I would though and got up and was also able to give her the Holy Ghost and a blessing. It was scary!! My legs were shaking like crazy but we got through it and then Bishop announced that he was moving so next week we will have a new bishop. So Matthew wanted bishop to have the privilege to do his confirmation right before he leaves. It was a good way to send off our bishop with convert baptisms and confirmations.

Things just keep going great and I really am praying I don’t get transferred this week. We find out on Saturday. Things are just amazing in this area. It took me 8 months in my first area to get 1 baptism and here I get 2 every transfer!! What could be better? The Lord is in control of his work though and I will go where he needs me. What a blessing it is to serve him though.

Another big thing that happened this week was that we got a new car!! We got a new one that Sister McSwain was driving. To let you know about Sister McSwain, she is petrified of driving so she does not. So the car is practically brand new!! She got a brand new car though. The mission got the new 2017 Toyota Corollas. It was cool to see 4 new cars all driving in a row. The mission is getting a big upgrade. We have been getting newer nicer flats and getting rid of all the really old cars that are a bit bruised.

Well I hope this was a bit more info for everyone. I love writing and telling you all about it. Time is going by so fast and the Lord is helping me so much. Some days I just want to sleep. Well one day we did. haha oops. We had lunch and then both feel asleep in our cars for a bit.

This week I am trying to work more on obedience so when I roll out of bed in the morning I pray for strength. Everyday we seem to just keep going and going and sometimes I have no clue how. I am always so tired. This is hard work but if you are preparing to serve a mission know this. It is the best work. After a baptism you feel so amazing and all the "bad" is made up. I have never done drugs before but there is no way anything can compare to that feeling you get when you know you helped save a soul. I love you all and testify that Jesus is the Christ. Joseph Smith was his messenger on the earth and restored the true authority of God to preform baptism and priesthood ordinances. Love you all, until next week.

Elder Cahoon