Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 38 Fire! Fire! Couch on Fire!

WOW, I have no time to type and so much to say!!

I will just be brief in the stories...

We had a great lesson again with Ashley and invited her to get baptized. It was a powerful lesson full of the spirit.  When we invited her she said, "Oh I was already baptized." We thought we explained it so well, well it turns out she was baptized. haha So she is inactive and a part member family. So that was a really funny experience to have.

On the crazy side of stories, I always have one. We were helping an old man who lives in the bush mow his lawn. He lives in a big tall house and is too old to come down. Well we made a big pile of rubbish to burn and he yelled down to us, “I don’t have a lighter but I will light a book on my stove and throw it out the window to you to put on the fire.” I was against it but he was stubborn. It went well and he threw it out to us. The big pile was lit and we hear the smoke alarm going off. We thought it was from the stove but it turns out when he lit the book on the stove a page fell out on fire and landed on the couch. I felt strongly prompted to run up and see how he was. I started out walking up since I did not think anything was wrong. Well I felt a need to sprint the rest of the way up the hill into the house! His whole side of the couch was on fire and getting bigger. The whole house was full of smoke and the old guy was in the kitchen getting a cup of water to put on it. He is really slow, so by the time he saw the fire to the time he had the water the flame just got huge!! So I frantically started to fill a huge jug to put it out, it took some time and water damage but the good news is his house did not burn down, just the couch. It was so crazy!!

Ok the other awesome thing was Mathew!! He is just progressing so fast!! We moved his baptism to the 24 of June. That is the same date Jody is on. They are both really solid and ready to go!! So the 24 is going to be really good. Matthew is such a good guy. We saw him a couple of time this week and really got to know him and his family!!! His daughter was a convert and served a mission and never thought anyone in her family would ever want to join the church. Her father Matthew grew up in Croatia. He has smoked and drank to the point of death several times but has seen the great example of his daughter and wants to be like her. Our lessons are so fun. When we went over the word of wisdom he loved to tell that he already gave up. He was the same when we went over the commandments. He was like, "I already do that!!" haha He is just so prepared by the Lord and his family to enter the waters of baptism. I am so excited for him and his family.

The work is just going great here in Beenleigh. I wish I had more time to tell and write more. I feel bad it is only a bit, but it gives you a taste of what I am going through.

I just want to end with my testimony since I have a minute left. I know this church is true. We were able to have zone conference and really learned more. Sometime it can get hard when we door knock and get rejected so much but at zone conference we learned how important it is for us to keep going. This work is progressing so much faster than we can see and I truly know that the Lord has a bigger plan than what we can see. He runs this church and I know it is true. The work goes on no matter how much persecution we get. It just pains me so see how many people get the opportunity to hear our message and pass it up. They pass on our message so much. They miss out on knowing how much Heavenly Father loves them. They miss out on learning about their own personal salvation. They miss the opportunity for their children to grow up with more guidance and protection. It is just great to have such a true church on the earth. I know that God loves us and wants to help us if we are willing to listen and ask. I know the church is true and that God has a plan for me. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I am so grateful I am serving right now and even though it is so hard it is so fun to see people accept the gospel and its teaching!!
Love you all,

Elder Cahoon

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