Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 40 Learning to get along

Wow!!! This week went by fast, partly since I emailed like 4 days ago. Well a lot happened in those 4 days.

I will start with Elder Choi and I. We have gotten along really well the last few weeks but this week something was up. He was sleeping in, he never talked for 4 days, not even in lessons. He was easily angered. So we sat down and talked for 2 hours. He has been letting all the little things I do that bug him build up and then the day we talked he exploded. Americans and Koreans have a pretty big culture difference. His standards are a bit higher than what we were doing. We had a really good talk and are both working on doing things different to make it easier on each other.

I felt bad, some of the stuff is stuff I don't even know I do. For instance, I talk too loud and it really makes him angry. It is a good thing I was working on being humble this week. I can’t change my nature but I will try to do things different so it doesn’t make him go off again. President McSwain challenged us to do good things for each other every day and make it a competition. So I make his bed every morning. He has yet to do anything but I will deal with it. A big thing president told him was you have to accept the Aussie culture. He is a Korean who is trying to live Korean culture in Australia. It was causing way too much stress. So far with our talk things are going way better.

Ok only 6 more minutes on the computer.

Matthew and Jody are still going strong and both came to church so they will be getting baptized this Saturday!! I am so excited!! I sent a picture with me and Matthew and his family. Matthew is the older looking bloke. We are making daily contact with him and he makes a mean feed for us every time, even if we have already eaten dinner. When I get home every one will ask what is the craziest thing you ate right? Well I will be able to say two now. Kangaroo and Aussie Deer. Deer is not super crazy but it is still not normal over here so it was really fun!!

Elder Choi and I were teaching a man named Ivan and he is a really old stubborn Baptist. Lesson after lesson we invite him to be baptized and he is finally praying about it. We took our Elders Quorum president with us to a lesson and they hit it off really well, the only problem is Bro Gordon is leaving for Utah today. For the Murrays this will make sense. He is the neighbor to that really rich guy that Dexter took us to for New Years last year. He is Kiwi but has a vacation house in that really rich neighborhood. Crazy!! His house here is huge too.

At one of the lessons we had before we went to see Ivan I was saying our prayer and as I did I prayed that we would be able to baptism him, even if it meant having a baptism for the dead. Hahaha Elder Choi just lost it when I said that and I could not finish my prayer. He is pretty old but man it was just one of those fun mission moments.

Our ward is the best at helping us. We have been setting appointments with investigators a few days out and having members come with us. It is the key to it all. To have a normal person there is so great!! Especially if it is a friend of theirs!!

Lachland is overcoming hard drugs right now like weed and meth. The awesome part is he wants to change but even better we have a convert that was baptized in January who is preparing for the priesthood. Anyway he was in the same situation so it makes it perfect to bring him along because he knows what Lachland is feeling and how to help!!

The work is going so great in Beenleigh and I love it so much!! I want to give Sister Cahoon a big shout out for leaving on her mission!!! Good luck in the MTC sis it gets better when you get in the field. She is going to be a great missionary who brings lots of lost sheep into the fold!! Love you sis.

Well I love everyone else too. Have a good week. I forgot it was summer break over there!! Enjoy the heat!! I don’t miss it. Haha It is nice and cool all day long right now.

Love, Elder Cahoon

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