Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 37 Just when you think it is getting good it gets better!!!

Hahahaha just when you think it is getting good it gets better!!!

I want to start off talking about Elder Choi!! What an Elder!! He visa waited one transfer in the Korea mission, not Elder Murrays. While he was there he was trained by zone leaders who became AP's. So he had really good examples.

Whenever you get a new companion you always have these awkward moments. You don’t really know each other and don’t know how to talk and get along. It is pretty normal but as the weeks go on you get used to each other and things get better.

Well, Elder Choi and I skipped that awkward part and are just so open with each other. We were sitting in the living room one night talking this week and he looked at me and ripped the biggest fart ever!! At first with a new comp you always are like ok who is gonna fart first. It usually does not happen within the first week. When he ripped his I looked back and ripped one. We both just started to laugh and really open up and talk openly with each other.

Haha just so fun!! Since we are so open we are always asking what we can do better or work on or improve. It helps so much to be able to talk openly and really make changes to be better. Our weekly planning was one of the best ones on my mission so far!! Before I get to that I want to talk about the week to show how awesome our weekly planning was.

We did lots of door knocking and as we did people started to invite us in to sit down and have a lesson. This was very unusual. Most Aussies do not just invite you in on the spot. Well we got invited into 7 homes this week. As we taught each family we really focused on How to Begin Teaching. It is the key to letting people know why you are sharing this message and how they can act on it!! So in our comp studies we really focused on learning how we can start our lessons better. It helps and we got 5 new solid investigators and set one on date the next day!! Ivan is on for June 24. He invited us into his home before we even said any words. He studies about Joseph Smith and knows more than anybody. He already knows he is a prophet and the Book Of Mormon is true.

Another cool experience we had was following up with Ashley. She was a potential that was pretty nice to us and invited us to come back. Well we felt like we should come a day early to see her. A quick back story is that when the cyclone came it flooded her whole house that she just moved into and everything was ruined. She also lost her job and is having a really hard time. Well the day that we went to see her was the day she wanted to commit suicide!! She had called the life line to get help and comfort her but then we showed up!! She was just in tears and so emotional!! We again had a great How to Begin Teaching and it really helped her understand how this gospel can help her in her life, whatever she is going through!! It was a really cool lesson.

So those are some of the stories we had this week while finding investigators. The rest of them were pretty normal. Their names are Lennet, Michelle, Ivan, Sarah, Mathew, Samarian, and Ashley!!

It was just amazing to have this much success with really solid people who want to learn more. It was one of our best weeks on the mission. With all the new people we had to plan for them!! That was hard!! We did not have room on our little planners so we pulled out a white board and made these big huge lesson plans and ideas of how we can help them progress!! It was really fun!! I sent a picture so you can see!!

Our bishop never really liked the last missionaries here because they did not obey the rules or work so it has been hard to work without his support.  Well I wanted to change that with Bishop so we called him up and set a dinner appointment so we could really show him we are here to work and we need his help!! We had the best yoking visit with him and really got to know him and how we can help him!! Like I said it was the best week for mission work for us. So he was able to really help us this week in getting member presents.

Members are the key to mission work!! So the bishop helped us get a member present at most of the lessons we had with all the new investigators!! We also are starting to have lessons at the chapel with members!! It invites a great spirit and really helps them feel the spirit!!

I just love this gospel so much and it only gets better the harder we work and grow in testimony!! I thought I was figuring out mission work pretty well but this week was such a good growth week and opened up a huge potential for us to improve!!

I love this area and the members so much!! Elder Choi and I are going to have heaps of fun and success!!

Elder Cahoon

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