Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 34 Satan works in crazy ways

Ok well this week was great but full of craziness as always, I wanna focus more on the fun crazy this email and a little bit of spiritual.

We started out the week with another trade off. This time it was me taking the new missionary from Korea. His name is Elder Ahn. I picked him up and was going to see how he is doing, teaching, finding, and adjusting. Well he slept the night and I asked what should we do for our workout. He said go for a run. YES!! I like that one. I am good at it.

So we started our run and got about 10 minutes from the flat. We were running in a grass field and a car had driven through it and created a big rut. Well Elder Ahn was going strong with me and then out of the corner of my eye I saw him fall. I looked back and he was grabbing his ankle. He thought he broke it and it swelled up fast and huge!! We waited a bit to see if he could walk back the 2 or 3 k's home. He made it one foot and then fell. We had no phone and really no way to get him back. So I made the decision to quickly sprint as fast as I could to the flat and only leave him for a second. haha Never leave your comp right? haha I sprinted the whole way home without throwing up!! Good job right? haha Got in the car and drove to go get him. He was alright and we got him back to the flat.

Our mission doctor is great!! He is from A.F. and came and checked in on him. He just tore a ligament and needed a brace. So we got a brace and he just had to ice it the whole day. So my trade off was spent on the couch watching the district videos. I am just a great district leader right!! Breaking my comps ankle his first few weeks out. My first trade off was a big flop!!

Ok another big crazy good thing this time. Jody is coming up to her date this Saturday so at the beginning of the week we had the word of wisdom lesson with her. Coffee is her big weakness!! I thought ahead and bought a huge thing of Milo, Not cousin Milo, it is hot chocolate that every Aussie just loves. When we had the lesson it always feels to them at first like we are taking something away. Well to help her feel better I offered her a deal, my Milo for all her coffee. She did not even take a second guess. She jumped right up, got her coffee and gave all of it to us!! haha She is just the best investigator ever!! Saturday is going to be so great!!

Now my comp and I have a huge thing of coffee in our flat. haha We won't drink it but we thought it would be funny when our mission president inspects our flat and sees it. He is so fun and will have a big laugh about it!!

As for the father of the family, he is still not too interested but we understand where he is coming from. The only lessons that he has sat in on are all the ones that are "rules" you could say, Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, Commandments. So to him right now it looks like another church with all these rules. We wanna have him listen to the resto lesson and watch the Joseph Smith movie, that could change all of it. They are a great family, I took some photos with them that you can see, they are the ones with the kids and family. So great!!

My mom asked how it is going with the Thai guy Steven and his partner Ellie. Well to answer you mom, great for them terrible for us. Now I bet you are thinking what the? How is that possible? They are just another great family with two young kids, a two year and a 12 month old. We had a lesson at the door on Wednesday since Steven was not there and there was not a male for us. So we got another day to come back where we could teach them both. Saturday. Now how could it be good for them but bad for us? We came back on Saturday and sat down with them and just talked for a bit. They have known Mormons and elders for 4 years. So things were going well. We were right about to get to Joseph Smith with them in the lesson. The spirit was there. It was so strong. We were about to testify and then we heard the biggest crash and then explosion. Ellie went running to the door, as did I, only to see that a car had crashed right into our car. Satan works in crazy ways to stop the work from progressing you could say. haha

Long story short, it was the kid’s first time driving a car. His dad was in the car. They pulled out of their drive way made it 10 feet down the road and then hit our car. It was parked on the curb and not in the way at all. The kid just stepped on the gas and not the break. Classic newbie mistake. Too bad we have to pay for it.

Ellie was laughing so hard and said, “At least it was you elders and not some crazy guy that would be mad!” Then she laughed and said, “Ha, you are gonna be on push bikes again.” No way!! We put the spare on and our mission office is getting it fixed this week. haha crazy!!

So things are going great!! Tracy also gave up coffee and smoking this week. Things are just going so great!! We had stake conference this weekend and that was so cool to see hundreds of members and families!! I love this gospel so much and I’m so glad it is a part of our lives!!

I have to go, we have interviews with President today. Love you all, have a good one family and friends.

Elder Cahoon


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