Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 36 It is all in the attitude.

Wow skyping for Mother's Day was amazing!! It just makes it hard to figure out what to write in so little time!!

I guess I should start with my biggest change. We had our transfer day and I am still here in Beenleigh but Elder Paramore is gone!! We were only together for 6 weeks now is transferred. So today I got to drive him to the temple where all the elders and sisters meet and trade and switch companions. While there I saw Elder Hansen from the MTC again and it looks like I will never see Elder Johnson from the MTC. He got sent up north. haha He is the ZL up there. Good for him but darn, I want to see him. Anyway... all is great in Beenleigh. My new comp is Elder Choi from Korea, Seoul. Haha so now Elder Ahn has a Korean friend. He seems pretty awesome!! He speaks pretty good English already. He just finished getting trained so he is still pretty fresh. He has not had a baptism so I am excited to really work with him and get 2 or 3 in the next few weeks.

Another big thing that was really neat was going to the temple. I have not been in so long now. It has been almost a whole year. So going was so fun!! I forgot like half the stuff but learned so much. It was amazing to really just get out of the world and feel so close to Heavenly Father. The Brisbane temple is beautiful!! It is not huge but it is still great!! When I was sitting in the celestial room I had only been in there for 5-10 minutes and then felt prompted to leave the room. I thought no way man!! It has been so long since I have been in such a holy peaceful place. I am gonna stay a bit longer. Well I made a promise to never deny a prompting so I walked out and right as I did a temple worker said, "Brother we need you right now to do a sealing." There was a family doing their relatives names and they needed one more person to help. So I was able to go into a sealing room and participate in my first sealing. It was so spiritual. I thought wow it won’t be long before I am doing this with my wife. haha no haha That won’t be for awhile. haha just kidding. But still it was amazing to think that there is a family that now is sealed and could be with their family for eternity. This gospel is just so great!!

As for the last two weeks all of our investigators are going great!! Jody canceled her baptism but we talked with her and worked out her concerns and now she is ready and just thinking of a date in the next few weeks. It is so amazing to see a family accept and learn and live the gospel. Even when she canceled and was unsure of the church she never broke the word of wisdom. We also have a man I think I have mentioned from Croatia. I did not know his name at first but I got it at the last lesson. His name is Mathew. He is 70-80 years old and has smoked his whole life. Well, he gave it up just like that and has never looked back!! Now he will be getting baptized on June 10. His daughter is a convert and served a mission and he is living with her and her husband. They have been teaching him and reading from the Book Of Mormon every day. He loves the gospel.

On that note, to all the word of wisdom people, I hate the man who invented cigarettes. Man, are those things nasty!! The smell, the way it makes you look, the cost!! Everybody we see or door knock into smokes and it is just terrible!! I love being able to help people overcome such a stupid thing. Never take that first one. Geez!!

We have an investigator named Tracy who is struggling to give up smoking but we are getting there. She is doing great and we teach her a lesson every day. She has a bit of a fun story though. She is older and has never been married and she met a scammer on Facebook. They talked forever and now he is asking for money but she has none since she smokes. Don’t smoke it makes you sick and poor. Anyway she wanted me to talk to him to find out if he was a scammer or not. Ok so I looked at his Facebook and he is only following old ladies. haha We knew he was a scammer. Soooo... haha shout out to Uncle Tyler. I was talking back and forth to this guy and was like, "Hey Jeff we are on to you. My uncle works for the federal criminal violation department and we are on to you" haha I hope that is a real department. I remember my dad used it one time and I thought I would give it a try. Well it worked and this guy Jeff Smith from Nigeria has not said a word back. haha So I helped a helpless old lady from getting scammed. The mission is just so fun and you never know what will happen.

I can't remember much from last week and the week before. Time is just going by so fast!! I will hit my year mark in a few months. I keep looking back at my year in Luxembourg and how long it felt. It is all in the attitude. I have been so excited to serve and be here and now the time is just going by so fast. I have found that the more happy and positive you are the more enjoyable things are in general.

Well I am so excited to have a new companion and get to work with him. Things are going to be just great!! Next week's email is going to be so fun.

I love you all and hope you have a good week in the hot summer heat over there! haha It is winter over here. I saw my breath the other day but no snow. I got my hopes up but had to just forget it. Usually when it starts to get cold I get really excited for snow but I have to just get excited for cold now. All good, it is better than being really really hot all the time. 

Elder Cahoon

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