Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 7 -- Charters Towers -- Baptisms lined up

The week started out crazy!! We were finding on Tuesday and my companion always has dog treat to feed the dogs so they don't bite us. It’s a good idea but I usually just stand back and let him do it. Well most people don't mind but that day a lady did not like that at all. She saw us from across the road and started to yell and get so mad at us. Typical, but then she pulled out her phone. We thought she was calling the cops but she posted on Facebook. "Two religious guys are going around feeding your dogs. Watch out." Well that blew up on Facebook and now everybody in Charters Towers knows us for a bad thing. I will send someone a letter with some cool Aussie stuff if you can find the post. I think the page is called Charters Towers Discussion Page. Good luck. You may have to scroll because it has gone down in the feed since that. The next day a lady started taking pictures of it and we were told by the ward members people are upset and mad about it. So we get some pretty scary glares riding down the road now.

During our first week in the area we spend the whole day finding so we can teach the second week. So during one of the all day findings I had to poop so bad!! We had 30 minutes to lunch and I was not gonna make it. I had to GO!! We had a few houses left and I said, “Heavenly Father if there is someone ready for us to come by, help me so I don't crap my pants.” That is how bad this was. So we went up to a house and knocked and the man came out and as soon as we started talking with him I did not have to go anymore. I knew this was the man we needed to talk to. So we had a lesson with him. (Brendon) He is a really good guy. He is pretty interested and next time we see him we are gonna invite him to be baptized. Man was that a huge miracle. As soon as we left and started to go home I had to go like crazy. It was so great to see that miracle.

During the week we had the best idea. We call it I.B. Invitation to be baptized. In Preach My Gospel it teaches us to invite them to be baptized on the first lesson. At first I thought this was crazy, but it is actually really smart and good. At the first lesson most people don’t know what you are doing. Ok so they taught me this great. They don’t know why we are there. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through Jesus Christ and his atonement. Baptism is the way to let them know that. So when you challenge them that first time they know what we are doing.

The day we came up with this goal we set Brodie on a date. December 3. It was amazing that we were already seeing the blessing from putting our faith to put someone on a date.

Throughout the week we set 2 more on a date so we are up to 7 on dates now!! It is crazy how well we are doing. Some are stronger than others but they are all open to be taught and work towards baptism.

We got a referral from our less active 1st counselor. The referral was awesome. His name is Angus. He has 4 kids and a partner. Not yet wife. We are gonna work on that. But anyways, Daniel, the 1st counselor, has taught him some of the gospel and he has really liked what he has heard. So when we showed up he was really excited to learn more. He told us about a dream he had where there was a huge building with lots of people having fun and drinking on one side of the river and an iron rod on the side he was on. When he tried to swim to the building a man pulled him out and said hold to the rod. WOW what a dream. We gave him a Book of Mormon to read the story about the iron rod. He loves it. He and his 8 year old son are set for Dec 3. It is going to be great.

I don’t want to say I am a great missionary because it is the Lord that is helping us. I am only the instrument in his hands. Read Alma 29:9-10. The Lord sees that the people here are ready and he is helping us find and teach those people. In our whole zone we set a zone goal of 15 dates set. Well by the end of next week we are gonna have 10 just from my area. All the other districts are so confused how we are doing so well. I love it. The Lord is helping us so much.

One night our lesson fell through so we rode our bike to the top of Towers Hill. It was nighttime but we still saw some kangaroos. But the view looked so cool with all the lights on. It looked like Squaw Peak in Provo just smaller and not as high.

The people are still feeding us really well and I am going to come back a lot bigger. Haha Since I am small everybody says, “Oh he needs double of everything.” So I feel like exploding whenever we eat at someone house.

The magpies still attack us. I have a few dents in my helmet now because of the power they hit with their sharp beaks. At first it was scary but now I just laugh about it when it happens. It is funny to see it happening to someone else.

I hope everyone is doing well. I love emailing and showing you pictures of the crazy things here in Australia.

I did not email as much today because we went to a gold mine/ museum. It was really cool!! Charters Towers is full of gold. They are still pulling it out of rivers and mines. I thought it was really cool. We could pay 5 dollars to pan for some gold and there was no guarantee you got any. So I thought I would push my luck. So I grabbed my pan and started to sift. I ended up getting one of the biggest pieces he has seen from a scoop from the river. They are 2 tiny pieces but still really cool. Most of the time you usually just get tiny flakes but I could pick mine up. So that was really fun to take a break and go do that. I hope all is well back home.

Elder Cahoon

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