Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 8 - Charters Towers -- Loving being a missionary!

Just when I thought things could not get any crazier they did. I will talk about the week in a sec...At the end of the week we got a call from our mission president and he has to transfer the new Townsville elder to Makay so the other Townsville elder will be our new comp for 2 weeks while we are in Ayr. We thought that was fine, no biggy, but he has set appointments in Townsville and we have appointments in Ayr so we have to drive back and forth between the two areas. It’s a 1½ hour drive. CRAZY! So now we are in charge of 3 areas. It is just temporary but so crazy. Then today we found out the elder that was supposed to leave is not leaving anymore but he still wants us to be here in Townsville so half of the week all four of us will be here in Townsville and the other half in Ayr. Haha it is so fun being with other elders. It is such a blessing and I have so much fun with them.

Ok, here's how the week was. GREAT!!! Angus (the one with the dream) testified to us the truth of the Book of Mormon. His son wants to get baptized and his wife who at first did not listen to our lesson is now participating and enjoying it. They have told us they want to be members and they all want to get baptized. They even started making wedding plans so they can live the law of chastity!! It is so great I love them so much and love the testimony they already have!!

Last P-day we went to a little museum called the Miners Cottage. Since the town I am in was as gold mining town they have a rich history in gold mining. We got to learn all about it and even got invited to go out looking for gold one day. We couldn't go but still glad for the opportunity. I did some gold panning and found 2 tiny nuggets worth about 20 bucks and I only spent 5 bucks to pan. Chac-Ching!!

Life is so great as a missionary. We got to do some service for Jose. His celling was falling off so we cut it down and put a new one back on. It took all day and I did most of the work since I am the tallest and most experienced. I am not complaining. I loved to have all the responsibility. It was so fun. We got the job done and it looks great!! We also got to help President Williamson dig trenches for sprinklers. The church has a great big yard that is full of dead grass and now that they have missionaries they have permission to water it and make it all green. It was super fun to help him and it felt so good to be outside doing hard work. I did not have gloves so my hands are blistered up and rough but I loved it! With the sprinklers on and running, the grass has already started to go green.

During the week we got some rain again. The last time that I said that the rain was bad... well, this storm was so much worse!! It was like I jumped into a river. The roads were rivers! We frantically road to Jose house since he was down the street but it was too late when we got there, we were drenched. We were at his gate yelling, “Jose! Jose! Saves us!” He let us in and told us to strip down to nothing and he gave us some dry clothes. It was one of the mission moments when you just start laughing from all that is happening. I loved it. He is a large man so when I put on his clothes they were a little big. Still it helped. He drove us back to our flat and we got some white shirts back on after the rain stopped.

It was a slow week besides all that craziness. My companion got sick for 3 days so we were in the flat all day. So I read and read and read the Book of Mormon. It was great but I got so bored. During those 3 days was the first time I missed my phone. I had nothing to do but read. No insta or YouTube. I suffered through it just fine though. Haha

We had a fast and testimony meeting and like normal only a few people showed up, about 10. I was reading in 1 Nephi and thought about when they were in the wilderness for 7 years and all they had was around 7-10 people in their congregation. I really pondered on this and felt like I was Nephi preaching and helping the people here. It was pretty cool.

I am having so much fun and loving being on a mission. There are definitely hard times but the joy that comes from the good times makes up for all the hard times. If you are thinking about going on a mission, GO!! It is the greatest experience ever. You will not regret it. I love you all so much and wish you the best.

Elder Cahoon

Ps. this is for James. You bum you need to come to church. Trish came! When we come back you better have the white shirt ready to go. Haha love you, you are the best. Tell Sister Lowery the fruit was delicious. Oh and get out and go for a run. Haha see you in a little bit.

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