Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 10 New Companion

Mission life continues on and it just gets better and better. I am glad everyone likes these letters. I have so much fun writing them and this week is another crazy good one.

Now that we have a car we were able to visit all the less actives in the surrounding towns. They all have personal problems -- health, no car, and things like that but we are working with them to start coming to church. We were in a town called Home Hill, it is about a 30 minute drive from Ayr and you have to cross the longest bridge in Australia. I think we have longer bridges in Utah than this bridge. It was pathetic for being the longest. No offense to Australia but set it up. Anyways the town is wonderful. We did some finding and have some good potentials to come back and visit. While we were there we visited a less active. Her parents are both super active but this lady and her family have fallen away. They are a really nice family and we read some of the Book of Mormon with them. They are slowly going to be able to come back. They still have a good testimony of the Holy Ghost it is just a matter of getting them to church. The family owns about 60 acres of cane farms and that night they were burning their biggest paddock or field. So they took us to see the fire and it was huge and really hot.

Mariah is still super solid. We gave her a Book of Mormon and had the restoration lesson with her. She got an answer saying be patient with the missionaries and trust them. This was perfect. We have been having the lessons with her and she was all set up to come to church but caught the flu that is going around and had to bail on us. Super sad but she has sister Yip as a friend and they hang out so we are not scared about losing her. She will come around. She said yes to baptism and now we just need to pick a date for her. Ahhh it is so great!!

I have not talked about Andrew and Brooke for a while because they are moving to Townsville so the elders over there are going to take over.

About half way through the week I got a call from our mission president and he was in a frantic hurry. There was an emergency and my companion had to go to Townsville so we got in the car and drove over there. When we got there I had to get a new companion. YES! Oh he is great!! Elder Talaipa from Samoa. He is a huge giant but a gentle man. He is so great and we are so powerful together. We are going to hasten the work. We have so much fun and laugh so hard all the time. He is quite the amazing missionary and all the people in this area love him already.

We drove to Charters Towers and on the way saw a whole bunch of wild camels. I did not know there were wild camels in Australia. Weird. Anyway we were able to visit Angus. He was unable to go to church also but still is reading the Book of Mormon and progressing. He is keeping the word of wisdom and all he needs now is to be married and then we can baptize him. He loves when we come over and the spirit we bring. He wants it for himself and wants to always have the spirit. You can see him light up when he feels it. It is so fun to see!!

There is so much to say and so little time. Basically everything we do is awesome and we have so much fun doing it. The people love us and we are teaching lots more people just not on a date yet. So I will talk about them when they are on one.

The last P-day we went on a hike with Brother Finn. We hiked Incaman Hill. Haha it was so funny. He had us stop at the bottom to tell us how to hike a big hill like this. Go slow, take your time, etc... Haha he had no clue about my lifestyle. He said it takes him about 30 minutes to get up this hill. He was super proud of that but was disappointed when he saw me hiking up it. He had not resized I was an avid hiker and had done mountains 10x the size of this little hill. It was only 3/4 of a mile and boy it just about killed him. I loved that I could show him my awesome hiking skills. The view was pretty amazing at the top. We could see the ocean and all the cane fields.

Even though we are having all this fun with worldly activities the real fun comes when teaching people. It is nice to have the break on P day but when you see your brothers and sisters coming to the Lord their God it is amazing! I am so grateful I can be the one to help them do that.

I have heard lots of people say they love seeing what I have been doing and how perfect my calling is. Well I can truly say that I know when a missionary gets their calling it is where the Lord needs them. The Lord needed me here in this place for a reason. It is just a blessing that I am able to love it so much and gain so much joy out of it.

I love you all and love hearing from you.

Elder Cahoon

In the rain.

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