Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 32 Big Reunion

WOW!!! This week was just the best!! A few weeks ago I said President Nelson was coming. Well it was Elder Neilson from the seventy. Just as good though.

To start out we had to drive to the biggest chapel in the mission, only 20 minutes away down the highway. When we got there it was the funniest sight. The parking lot was just full of the same looking white Toyota Corollas. haha quite the sight. For the first time in 8 months I saw my MTC comp Elder Hansen. I also saw Sister Day. It was the best reunion ever!! We went on and on at lunch and had the best time. Everyone is doing so well and we are powerful missionaries now.

This conference was just with half the mission. The other half did it the next day. Anyway it was the most powerful spiritual experience every so far on the mission. Elder Neilson is just a crack up but still can invite the strongest spirit in after cracking a joke. He gave the best training on repentance. It was amazing and really helped us see a new way to teach it to our investigators.

Sometimes we can make it seem all scary, like you did a bad thing, well we all do "bad' things sometimes. Repenting is a way to feel at peace. It is not there to make us feel bad but to pick us up so we can grow. It was amazing!!

We also got a training about Ammon and his adventure Alma 17-17. I want to focus on this for a sec.

He is the ones that served the king. He told the king he would like to live with the lamanites until the day he dies. The king thought great here is my daughter for you to wife. Ammon said no I will be thy servant. So he served. As he did he was feeding the sheep and some people came and scared them away. Long story short he cut off their arms. After that he went and tended to the horses.

Our training was on Ammon and how he loved the people he served. Well I took it another way. Ammon worked hard to cut off arms and serve the king. Just as I serve hard to serve the Lord. Well after a hard day of door knocking or lessons do we as elders toss in the towel or do continue to serve even after we have done some hard work?

As we door knocked this big street it took two hours and we did the whole thing with little success. My comp was done and ready to head to a dinner. We still had 15 or so minutes so I said let's be like Ammon and keep going. There were a few houses just around the corner. So we went and because we were loyal until the very end we got 2 wonderful families to teach. I learned it does not take that much more effort to see a miracle. It just takes those few more doors or a little bit more. Later on in the week we had a different experience. We door knocked for a few hours and had heaps of lessons at the door. A few new investigators and 7 people gave a day and time to come back! We thought we did so well and we were ready to be done. We thought hey we gave it our all and did amazing. Well we still had 20 minutes to go and thought let's serve until the very end. Well nothing happened but we learned hard work. It felt good to come home at the end of the day and have our comp prayer saying we gave it our all.

As the district leader I am the one who conducts baptism interview for those in my district. Well I had to conduct my first interview. I was so scared. I went over and over the questions and found scriptures to help use to give my love and explanation. Well when it began I just loved it. The spirit was so strong and I was scared to figure out how I would know if this man was ready and worth to get baptized. Well the spirit is just the best companion. I felt so much love and peace and thought that Tyson was ready. So on Friday this week he got baptized and he gave a powerful testimony.

This week was just so great with the spirit and learning and growing. One funny thing that happened was at the big mission training. I knew Elder Hansen was going to be there so I brought my big camera to take a good picture of us together. Well it is a really nice camera and it got passed around from elder to elder for each to use and take pictures. In the end the APs told me they would need to borrow it for the week. They ended up taking it and taking all the pictures of the mission training. They loved it and I pretty much did not see it all day. They want to take it and have it. It was pretty funny. We got all lined up for a big mission picture and when everyone was ready Elder Fukafuka the AP yelled out, “Cahoon, get your camera.” It was pretty funny. I eventually got it back and enjoyed all the funny pictures everyone took. 

Well have a good one.


Elder Cahoon

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