Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 31 New Area

Ah so little time to write so much this week. We email at the library and only get an hour. So here we go. We also have missionaries close by so we actually do things on P-day. I hope I don’t forget anything.

Wow ok, I am in Beenliegh and it is amazing!! I feel like I am in heaven. We have a ward of about 250 active members and 200 inactive. So we have heaps!!! Way different from Ayr and Charters.

I have been here a week now and all I can say is the church is true. This ward is just like back home and this area is wonderful. It is a bit small compared to a big city or town but it is huge for me coming from a small area.

The success this week was just amazing. We have a town called Yarribilba that is about 20 minutes from us and it is a gold mine. Right as I got here it was the first place we went and they have had heaps of good things come out of that town so far. About 10 families live there that are members and it is just great!! 

We had a huge miracle this week!! Karrlaie and Kodie got baptized. They are two young girls 14 and 13 who they found door knocking last transfer and this week we finished the lessons and they were all ready. Long story short they got baptized and at the baptism the mom asked how she could get baptized two. The parents didn’t really believe all that much but support the girls. Well now the mom is way interested and will get baptized in 2 or 3 weeks.

The Lord is blessing me so much right now and I am in heaven. When I left T-ville it was 38 degrees C. I had a great flight but it felt weird being all alone with no comp. Like really weird and I was a bit scared. The plane was a bit empty but I managed to contact two people and give them cards. It was pretty weird to do it without a comp. Getting off the plane was the worlds greatest thing. It was 18 degrees outside and so cold. Well not Utah cold but Aussie cold. I had never felt this way before. It was amazing. I had my comp pick me up with two other elders and they took me to the temple to grab our car. I am still driving. Anyway I saw the temple for the first time just for two seconds and then we drove to our area.

We are in Beenliegh. It is pretty small and got flooded last week in the cyclone. Like the whole town was under water. Most of the people's houses went under or cars went under. The flat we are in is on a huge hill and I guess the elders could not get out because the water came right up to their drive way. The whole road and town was a river and people were using boats to travel around for a bit. So there is heaps of water damage in the town right now.

My comp is Elder Paramore from Samoa. He is just great!!! Really good teacher but just needs to follow more mission rules. He is great though. We are getting along so well and really smashing our area. It is great!!

My district is really cool. All the elders are awesome!! We have two comps in our district with me being the third. It is a bit small but wonderful. There is heaps of work to do though to get them inspired and back to work. At our first district meeting the numbers were so low it was scary. What did they do all week? So we are really gonna struggle to pick things back up and get people to work. This week has been a bit better. The numbers doubled from one companionship and they are going great!!

So I don’t know what else to say. There is just so much!! The place seems so great and wonderful and I am really excited. Sorry this was short but I will slowly get there and let you know everything.

I guess one last thing. We have a ward mission leader who is the bomb. Always calling and updating us and getting dinners and members to come to lessons. He is an islander. Oh on that note like everybody here is from some sort of island or New Zealand. True bro!! haha They are the best. I thought I was getting fed well up north. Well, I have yet to go to bed without a meal from a member. We have someone every night that has us over and gives us a feed. Not just any feed, it is a feast!! So much chicken and food and veggies. I used to hate veggies but now I love them. Crazy right!! I am definitely going to get fat in this area. It is great!!

The people here are just so nice and caring and they watch out for us. My new favorite people are islanders. Their accent is the best and the way they talk and joke and live life is so good and funny. Everyone is just a crack up and so nice.

So going to church was great!! When everyone started to sing it sounded so amazing and I felt such a strong spirit. It ran just like a Utah church with young men, primary, elder's quorum. Man elders quorum was just like home where everyone tries to pull the best joke or be really funny. In sacrament they called me up by surprise to give my testimony. I got up and said, “Wow this is a bit scary, I just came from a place where there were only 10 members.” They all got a good laugh and I got to share my testimony with them.

I want to share it here too. I want you all to know that this church is amazing. It truly does bless our lives and help us in so many ways. I can see so clearly now that God loves us each so much and blesses us so greatly. He is always watching over and helping us. He has also given us a prophet to guide us. Through him He can run his church and help guide us and show that love. I know that Joseph Smith is and was a true prophet and that through him and his question we are able to see and feel the love that God has for us and not only seal things here on earth but also in heaven. I know this church is true and I love it in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

I hope this email was enough for you all. Thanks and love you.

Elder Cahoon  

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