Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Week 30 Saying Goodbye

It finally happened!! I got a transfer call. I am outa here!! It only took 8 months and 3 companions. What a cool experience to have been there for so long and a blessing to help everybody. But honestly I was sick of it.

These last 2-3 weeks I have had some fun cleaning up and keeping busy but when we had to start doing mission work again it was (this sounds terrible) horrible. We just don’t have anything to do at night or during parts of the day. Haha it is only a small town so this week it was a matter of enduring to the end. With it being small I have literally done it all. Knocked every door, seen every member, less active, inactive and all their mates. I love everyone so much especially the members in both areas but I hit a point this week when I was just done. Done with the area, people, doors. haha It is a great place but after 8 months it just starts to get boring or routine like. So I was so excited for the call.

My new area is called Beenleigh and it is in Coomera. My zone leader is an elder from American Fork High School named Christensen. I thought that was cool since I sorta know him. I am the new District Leader for the Beenleigh district. I am a bit nervous but excited to set a good example and help the missionaries in my district. Poor Elder Bo is staying in Ayr/Charters and is getting a golden missionary. So there will be a guy just like me who comes up here to his first area in the outback. Elder Bo is on his last transfer and a bit trunky right now so of course the Lord sent him a golden. haha He is gonna love it.

I am so excited to go down south. So I think today, Monday for me and Sunday for my family we will all be on an airplane. haha I leave today at 4:50 and fly to Brisbane and get picked up and go to the big drop off and pick up zone! I am so excited to see all the elders and sisters and all my friends from the mtc. Today is going to be so much fun.

I guess as for our week it was a bit slow. We did not have much to do in Charters but keep trying anyways. Like I said when 6:00 rolls around we usually have nothing to do. But one night we decided to follow up with Phil. He is a good potential. He was home and so were his 3 kids and wife. She was making dinner but the rest of the family came and sat in and really listened, asked questions, and loved it. Even all the kids. They are 8, 9, 10 so all could get baptized. Sorta sad to leave them since they are now all super awesome!! But Beenleigh will be good for me. We just taught them a pretty basic lesson but they just loved it and wanted to know more!!! So great!!

Since it was the end of the transfer we had to do a deep clean for 4 hours in out flat. It really needed it and we absolutely smashed it. We got down and dirty and really made that flat cleaner than it has ever been. I did the living room and the bedroom, Sweeping, vacuuming, them moping. Elder Bo tackled the kitchen and bathroom. All was great and we have a really clean flat for the new guy that is coming.

Our car was due for a service about 9,000 km ago but we never had a day that lined up and worked. We kept running into problems. We got caught in a cyclone, lost our motor pass... it goes on and on but this week we finally got it done. The car was going great but it needed new oil, tires, air filter and the alignment needed to get fixed. Other than that the car was in tip top shape and now it is even better.

Really not much happened this week, which is pretty sad. At the end of the week when we found out I was getting transferred the Vailalos had us over for dinner. They are one of the greatest families in the world. The dad has really changed his life around and became a great example for his family. I speak very highly of him and his family right now. They have taken such good care of me and given me so much love. Since I was in Ayr for my b-day they had us over for a little b-day dinner and we had such a great time with them. They got me the coolest gift ever!!! They gave me a legit NRL Cowboy’s jersey!! The Cowboys are a rugby team in Townsville and they are a really good team. Everybody wears uniforms and shirts and stuff and now on p-day I can join them haha. I will miss them so much. Their two boys are just the best!! They are so nice and helpful to everyone and so fun to hang out with. They are a great family and I wish you all could meet them.

I had my last day of church in Charters and we watched General Conference. Wow was it just so great this year!! I never thought I would enjoy watching conference on a Saturday but I just could not get enough. I hope everyone else enjoyed it too.

So on Sunday we watched it and then took goodbye photos with everyone and then drove to Ayr as they finished watching the next session. So I got to say goodbye to everyone there too.

The Yips will be greatly missed in Ayr. There was never a Sunday in Ayr that I went hungry. Or any day that we had dinner with them. They are such a fun couple to hang around with. We spent many p days with them. Brother Yip is the cop and it was great to learn about that and hear all his stories.

The weirdest goodbye was definitely Sam and Mauri. I have not really ever talked about Mauri. Since we have not seen her in awhile. She was the one that told us this was a bunch of crap but then heard the lesson and felt the spirit and now fully believes in all of it. Great right!!

So she was at Sam's house as we said goodbye. I got some pictures of Sam. He is the scary looking one with a beard. What a guy. He threw away all his tobacco and coffee in preparation for his baptism date coming up. So great!!

I was able to bear my testimony to him and say goodbye and then it got weird. haha Mauri wanted to have us give a quick lesson about who we are and what we do while she filmed the whole thing to post on Facebook and spread the word. I was unsure but we checked our handbook and it does not say anything. So I guess if you want to see me in action look up Mauri. Haha I will be on Facebook with Elder Bo teaching Sam about the Word of Wisdom in like 40 seconds. I guess we will see if anyone takes notice and if we get a referral from them. haha all went well and I said my goodbyes to everyone.

My only complaint now is I get 23kg to take with me on the plane. That is like 50 pounds. Well, I have accumulated a study journal that weighs a ton and all this stuff so I am stressing to see what I can and cannot take down with me. All will be fine though.

Sorry for the short boring email. I gotta go catch a plane right now. Next week should be a good email since I will have a new area to talk about for the first time ever!! Oh, my comps name is Elder Paramore. I think when I first see him I will say, "Hey can I have some more power." haha Love you all, thanks for the prayers and love! 

Elder Cahoon

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