Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 18 New Companion!!

I hate when the end of a transfer comes. All you can think about is “what is going to happen?” Elder Cadiang and I have had a fair bit of troubles with each other but this transfer we grew so much and we had so much fun together. By the title you can guess, yes Elder Cadiang is gone and I have a new comp. I do not know who it is yet. I pick him up today at 4. So right now I am with Elder Paulino for the day to have a comp. I am still in Charters Towers and Ary and will be able to hopefully see Angus and James get baptized. I am nervous for the new comp but really excited.

Since we had the thought “what will happen this week” it was hard to do mission work. We got by and found some new investigators but spent most of our time doing service.

On Wednesday we left Ayr and drove to Charters Towers. It had rained for a week straight up there so all the grass and everything was over grown. It worked out perfect.

So Thursday we spent the whole day at the Lowery's house helping them clean up their yard. Boy did I have heaps of fun. James Lowery gave me the whipper snipper, AKA weed wacker, and I went wild with it. I whipper snipped the whole yard and every bush, grass, weed, you name it I snipped it!! I was having so much fun. It felt like I was back on the snowmobile. The motor was revving and there was the smell of gas. They have a huge yard so it took about 4 hours to snip the whole yard. They didn't have gloves so my hands are pretty torn up. But don’t get me wrong, I had so much fun!! Rough hands are a sign of good hard work.

The next day I whipper snipped the whole chapel lawn. President Williamson mowed the whole thing while I did everything else that he could not get or that was too over grown. They have a big fence that was covered in vines and weeds and all sorts of plants. Well now it is not. I whacked every bit of living plant and cleaned it up. President asked, “How did you get rid of so much?” I said, “I grew up cleaning a forest. We got rid of everything.” haha Thanks mom and dad for all those Saturdays in the forest. As I worked that day I cracked an egg on the cement to see if it would cook. Well it was not runny but it was not cooked either but it was very hot.

That was not the end of my service doing for the day though. I took a power nap while my clothes dried from all the sweat and after headed back to the Lowery’s to destroy a shed. The shed is at least 20 years old and falling apart but still some how standing. They gave me a sledge hammer this time and I wacked that thing until it was flat! I took a really nice video of the first few big hits. Hopefully you can get it and watch it. We had so much fun serving others and working hard this week!!

Elder Cadiang is pretty funny. He put himself in charge of supervising. So basically he did not work or did simple things to get out of working. He just wanted to watch and tell us what too do. It was ok because I was enjoying the hard work. Haha I thought it was pretty funny. He is still a very hard working missionary though. Love the kid to death. haha sad to see him go.

Sunday was sad. Elder Cadiang gave a goodbye talk to the branch and we went around after taking pictures and saying goodbye to everyone. It was hard even for me and I was still staying. We just had such a good relationship with everyone and they are all sad to see him go. Lots of tears. One of the funniest ones was Roy. He is a big kiwi in the pictures and while saying goodbye his eyes were flowing with tears. So he had a tissue box in the picture. He is the best though.

While still at church we got asked if we would give a lesson on Joseph Smith to everyone. We don’t go to different classes since there are not enough people. So everyone goes to one class. Well this was perfect because we had two people show up to church who we had meet door knocking. One of them was an investigator and the other a complete stranger. So it was awesome to give them the restoration lesson with all the members there!!

It was very weird dropping Elder Cadiang off at the airport. Felt like he was going home. He is gonna do good. He is amazing and wonderful but he does some weird stuff. haha

Last P day we went to Joel Yip’s house and played a board game with him. He is the policeman. I came so close to winning but he came in and destroyed me. We had good fun though.

I am getting really excited for James and Angus. We got their baptism papers all ready and are going to start filling them out this week. Angus just needs to sign a marriage paper and then they have to wait 30 days until they can get married and baptized. Whoo!! Along with Angus doing well, we had a less active member who is pretty much inactive call us up. I guess she went to church while we were gone and was pretty disappointed. So she has cracked the whip and started planning activities. She also invited Angus over for F.H.E and had us come along. We were so surprised to see her go from no interest to taking charge. This lady is the lady whose husband passed away so maybe she is turning to the church for comfort. Either way it is awesome. She is the best now!!

Well this week is going to be a good one. I can’t wait to meet my new comp and show him around. He is gonna be in quite the shock when we have to pack up and go to our second area. I will film his reaction. It is gonna be pretty funny.

Love you all so much. Hope you have a good one.


Elder Cahoon

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