Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 17 Zone Training

Well I had a bit of a rough week!! I don’t know how to say it. I got arrested. There was a cop car just parked and I jumped into it and snagged a photo. Well the cop was right there and did not like that!! So he grabbed me and threw me in the back of the car. Whew what a day. 

Haha just kidding. Hope I got you;) We have a member in our branch that is a cop. Brother Yip. We were having a branch activity at the chapel and he needed to stop by for something while he was on duty. So he came in the full uniform and squad car. He could just see me dying to see the car and check things out. So he said, "Elder Cahoon go hop into the drives seat and check it out." It was soooo cool. I got some pictures and then when I got out I asked if I could get one of him " arresting " me to send home saying I got arrested. It was super funny and we were laughing so much.

The week was not too bad really. We had a great time. It started out with my Zone Training. It ended up being really really fun to train. I loved the whole thing. I prepared heaps and wanted to do really good. The training was about talking to everybody and teaching when you find. I did not just want to teach it. I wanted to live it so I could say it with confidence. This helped so much to teach but also helped us open our teaching pool.

The training went really good. I was clear, confident, ready, and engaged. It ended up going really well and everybody loved it. I ended right on time and had enough stuff and questions to take up the whole time. The spirit was really strong and we all learned so much from each other.

Since the training was on talking to everyone and teaching, that is what we have been doing and like I said it opened our teaching pool. We got 3 new investigators that are actually pretty good. Two are named Annie and the other is Don. They are all old people so it is slow going but they have been asking good question and really listening and learning. It was great to see some success with people.

It was great to get some new people but we also lost a person. Clarence. He has been doing so good. reading the Book Of Mormon, praying, coming to church, ETC... Well we were going to have a baptism lesson and put him on date and we thought the Yips would be good to have at the lesson. We got there and started and he said, “Wait before we go on I have received my sign. I saw a vision where God told me to stay with the salvation army." Oh ok did not see that coming. So ummm what do we do now? This guy just said no to everything we are teaching. It was the first time for both of us. The Yips could see our struggles and helped so much. This poor man though is done. It was sad to have a really good guy testify that it is not for him. Bummer

While door knocking and sweating like I am in a shower we came across some Jehovah Witnesses. Usually they are really mean and want nothing to do with us. Well these two lady's welcomed us to their porch. We sat down thinking we were going to give a lesson. Wrong!!! They pulled out their Bible, pamphlets, videos, ETC First off I did not feel the spirit and 2nd they were all over the place. No organization or lesson. We watched a video on drugs and then a minute later a video about Jehovah. Over all we learned more about them and how we can better teach them but it was so funny to be sitting down with them getting taught. They thought they got us so good. As we left they said, “See you at church on Tuesday.” haha it was funny. They gave us heaps of pamphlets and books. We are not allowed to have them and did not know what to do with them. Fire. haha ok you get the point.

When we were teaching one of the Annies, she left to go to the bathroom. We saw a Jehovah Witness pamphlet on the table under some papers. She told us they had been visiting her too. Elder Cadiang looked at me since I was the closest to it and said, "Take it." Me What. Him. Yeah take it. By this time Annie started to walk back so I grabbed it and stuffed it into my bag. I felt bad but she needs to be taught the right truth. It was pretty funny.

Every week is just so fun and full of so much unplanned adventure. The spirit is always so strong and I grow to love it more and more. Sighing off


Elder Cahoon

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