Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 16 Ayr -- Pushing On

Another great week here is Australia. Still hot even though it is Christmas time.

We were not allowed to go out on Christmas or the day after so we had lots of time to sit and ponder about life in our flat. Luckily we had some wonderful members that had us over.

On Christmas day I got to Skype my family. Man that was so good to see them and to hear their voices. Lots of tears. Tears of joy! The fam seems to be great and it was fun to tell them all about the land of the Aussies!

Since we called for Christmas we did not get to email last week. Not much happened beside the normal mission work. Our investigators are still doing great and they are getting ready for marriage and baptism.

This week was full of finding. Everyday we went out and knocked on heaps of doors. I love it and hate it. The only part I hate is that it is humid and hot, so I sweat like a pig. When we get to someone’s door I am drenched in sweat and look terrible. Luckily it has rained a fair bit during the week. So that cooled things off for a bit. I have started to say some funny things when finding people to make it more fun. When someone is really mean and rejects us right off the bat I respond with, " That is ok, we still love you." This throws some people off but this week it did not work out so well. We had a man get very angry at us. It was pretty funny. He answered the door and said the typical, "What do you want." We shared a bit and he said very meanly and full of naughty words to get off his property. I said, "Sounds good, love you." He said, " No you don't." As we were walking away I said, " Yes I do you are a child of God and our brother. Love you." This really pissed him off. I felt really bad after for all the hate that he had. Makes a funny story though.

I had the wonderful opportunity to give a training to my district about listening when you teach. I was pretty excited to give my first training. (considering I have only been out 4 months) but I took on the challenge and really enjoyed preparing and teaching. This was on Tuesday. On Friday we got a call from the zone leaders. They wanted to talk to me. At first I was a bit scared. They are the best but I was wondering why they wanted to talk with me?? Turns out our district leader called and told the zone leaders how good I did. They seemed really impressed and were wondering if I would give another training to the WHOLE ZONE next week. I was pumped!! So tomorrow I get to give another training to my whole zone. It is gonna be really fun. I have prepared and studied the material so I can really impress the leaders. It is gonna be a good training.

We are back in Ayr for the last two weeks of the transfer. All of our investigators on date here have either gone to jail or packed up and moved. So that is a huge disappointment. Everyone was doing so well. So we took the time to open our teaching pool by spending all that time finding. On one of the days it was really depressing. We talked to 51 people and nobody was interested. But we push on. There are people ready to learn somewhere out there.

I am getting excited for this up coming transfer in two weeks. We have been getting some hints in texts from the DL about big changes and about having Elder Cadiang prepare me to be a leader. We did not know what it meant and still don’t quite know. But the mission president did call Elder Cadiang and said that he would be going down south this transfer. So I know I will be getting a new comp, but I don't know who or if I will be staying also.

It drives me crazy to not know what is going on. I liked to have a plan for everything back home. I would always say, “What is the plan.” Not knowing what is going to happen is driving me crazy!! Oh well I know and trust the Lord and it will all be good in the end.

I hit my first wild animal while driving to Ayr this last week. We were peacefully going along at 110 km when a pigeon decided to fly in front of the car. Phoof. Gone. Just like that. It scared me to death. No damage to the car but the poor bird was gone like that!!! We have been very blessed to have not hit a kangaroo by now. They are all over the road, alive and dead ones. We see about 30 when we drive between our areas. The senior couple had to come out for church on Christmas. They have been here a month and hit their first one on the way over. Pretty bad Christmas present.

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Thanks so much for all the love. I really appreciate all the letters you all send. Have a good week.


Elder Cahoon 

Look really close.  There is a lizard on 
the trunk of the middle tree.

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