Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 2 -- Jumping for Joy

Monday last week was crazy!! We went shopping and got food and for the most part it was the same stuff, it just has different names. In all the shopping malls they play American music so I love going shopping now to listen to it. haha We got our food and headed off the get hair cuts but I guess every hair place closes down on Mondays to have a long weekend!! So we had to get permission to get one on Tuesday. Tera Larson is definitely the best at cutting hair. It looks good but not great.

One of the hard things about this place is they are on the wrong side of the road so when we bike around everything is backwards and I look the wrong way when crossing roads and stuff. There have been some close calls but my comp is there to save me. Also the bike breaks are switched so the left stops the back and the right stops the front. So when I almost crash into a car and slam on my break, I usually do a huge stoppy and almost flip because it is switched. So I am either going to die by hitting a car or by seeing the car and trying to stop but doing a front flip into it. Haha I am getting the hang of it and probably won’t hit any cars. So don’t worry mom ;)

Most of the week is spent door knocking because we are new in the area. Some people are really mean still but people are starting to recognize us as we ride down the street. That is fun. We found an old investigator that is ready to be baptized but since the missionaries left she didn’t know how so we found her and have started working with her to get her baptized. So I will have my 1st baptism on hopefully November 19th. She smokes and is having a hard time giving that up. We found a nice family named Andrew and Brooke with a baby named Tobias. We found them door knocking and they wanted us to come back and give them a lesson. So we went back and started talking and he was really interested. He had lots of questions and agreed with what we were telling him. I gave him the Book of Mormon that my primary in the Highland 7th ward gave to me to give out. He really loved it and started reading. We planned for a 30 minute lesson but he was so interested we ended up teaching for 2 hours and since I am new, my comp had me do ALL the teaching. He would talk every once in awhile but it was mostly me. At the end of our lesson we started talking about baptism, I shared a scripture about following Gods example and before I could even ask him if he wanted to get baptized he ask me, "Can I get baptized?" I was in complete shock!! The spirit was strong in the lesson but I didn’t think he would comprehend what we said. Well he did and he is going to get baptized hopefully Nov. 19 with Kae. They both smoke and he has to get married first but they are already going to get married so that won’t be a problem!! When we left we invited them to church and they came the next day so I have big hopes for them!! The wife is still unsure of baptism but I am hoping to baptize her with her husband. When we left and got down the road a few blocks I jumped off my bike and jumped with joy!!! I was so excited!!! It was the coolest experience ever!!!! To be able to share the gospel with a lost child of God!! During the lesson he said,” I am the lost sheep and now God has found me.” He is seriously the best investigator and is so interested!!!!!!!

Life is so good and I am doing amazing!! I was feeling down last week realizing what I got myself into but I read a talk about being a consecrated missionary and that changed everything.

The weather is really hot and humid! By the time I walk down the driveway I am coved in sweat!! People tell us all the time that this is spring weather. So I am probably going to die of heat in "summer" weather. I have a nice big aussie hat that keeps me from getting sunburned so that is nice.

Even though it is a million degrees out it snows every night. Burdiken Valley snow that is. Since we are surrounded by sugar cane fields we get coved in all the black ash from when they burn the fields to harvest. White shirts and black snow don’t go well together so we avoid going out when it is "snowing". haha I love it though and we are having such a good time.

My comp and I are getting along much better now that we are having success. He is from the Philippines but lives in Australia. He is 25 and has been a convert for 2 years. One thing that is really weird is that he is engaged. Since he is so old he had a girlfriend back home and they were engaged before he decided to serve. I guess she is Mormon too so they are just waiting until he gets back to get married. Dear John. haha I am just expecting the letter. Haha he is great though and we are doing so much better then the first week. He still says stuff that drives me CRAZY but he is a nice guy and I just brush it off or do something to take my mind off him.

We are heading to Charters Towers on Wednesday and it is a completely new area so we have to start over again completely but I am excited. On the drive to Townsville I saw a bunch of kangaroos and got so excited to finally see some!! Today for P day we are going to Billibong. A place where you can hold kangaroos and other rare exotic animals so I will send lot of pic next P day!!

Thanks for all the prayers!!

Love, Elder Cahoon

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