Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2nd Week in the MTC - Bed Bugs and Bats, Oh My!

This week was really good! My companion and I get along really well. We never really have any trouble with wanting to do something that the other person doesn’t want to do. We are always talking and growing closer. This week we both sort of came out of the initial awkwardness, so now it has just been getting better. When our district first met, we were all shy and uncomfortable around each other. But now we have all opened up and are all best friends. We have so much fun during free time talking and getting to know everyone better. We always go play basketball and mess around having so much fun. They are all the best!!!!. Each week we get a new D.L and Z.L so last week our D.L was Elder Williams. He was really good and kept us on track. This week it is Elder Johnson (he looks like the guy from Twilight, Taylor Lautner) He and Elder Williams are companions so they help and learn off each other since they both have now been D.Ls. Our Z.Ls last were Elders Cook and Powell. They went to Colorado this Monday so they woke everyone up at 4:20 in the morning to do laundry.

Everyday we wake up at 6:05 and shower then meet our district in our classroom so we can go to breakfast. We like to eat together so we can talk. From breakfast we go to class for 3 hours and this week we had Brother Syume teach us along with Sister Zonner. They are both really good teachers and we all learned so much. During class we have 45 minutes to do a TRC. This is when we teach an investigator. We got back ground info on the guy (Bubba) who we are teaching. He is from California. He grew up in the gang life. His dad was killed when he was 3 and his mom marred again but to another gang member. Bubba married a girl from Utah who is Mormon and wants to know more about our church. We taught him 3 times and they all sort of went well. On our last lesson we sort of broke through to him but at the end we found out he is already Mormon and was acting like his old self, before he was converted. He has a really powerful story and I was so glad I got to know and teach this man. He has a Mormon message called Gang Member to Good Man, By His Grace. Go watch it. That is who I taught and learned from. It was really fun.

Since I worked at Health Catalyst and sat for so long I have gotten used to it in the classroom. We do so much sitting and listening but I have actually enjoyed it!! I have learned so much and have grown so much. The lessons we learn are helpful and straight to the point. I don’t find anything hard. Every one was saying the MTC is the hardest part, but I don't find anything hard except waking up. Other than that I have been having a really good time. My whole district hates when I see people I know because whenever we walk somewhere I usually see 4-5 people that I know and say “Hi” to. Most of my district doesn’t know anyone here so when I know everyone they get jealous. Ha ha ha it is fun.

At first the food wasn’t bad but you just hit a point where you are sick of it and want to die.

I have to go do laundry so I will tell you more later today.

Ok laundry is in and being cleaned. They made it easy. On the washing machine it is simple. Colors, garments, white shirts. So I haven’t had to worry about messing up yet.

Right after I emailed last week we went to our dorm to go to bed and right when we laid down some kids in another room yelled, “We have bed bugs!!!” We jumped out of our beds to go see. They definitely had bed bugs and then room after room looked to see if they did. Our whole floor had them except for my room and the other elders in our district’s room!! So everyone was evacuated the next day and had to clean like crazy. When we called the front desk telling them that people had bed bugs they said, “Ah it’s late so just sleep in them tonight.” Most guys were out in the hallway all night. They had biohazard bags and bug spray and all this cleaning stuff. My district was glad that we didn’t have them.

A few days later the sisters in our district had to move to a whole new building because their whole dorm had been taken over by bats. Some girls got bit right before they were going to leave and now have to stay at the MTC one more week to get tested for rabies. So that day the guys had to go and move all the sisters’ stuff to another dorm. You can see bats flying all around the building, it was pretty funny. The day they found the bats we had a devo in the big gym, but it started a little late because a bat flew in through the door and they had to catch it. It was a really good devo. It was Chad Lewis and he talked about the NFL and Lone Peak and stuff. It was fun. He brought his family and I know some of his kids from seminary and I got to say hi to them.

We spend a lot of time studying outside. The air is nice and cool and we can see the tress changing colors. All the elders from Arizona in our district love the cool weather so we spend a lot of time outside.

The time is flying by now. That first day feels like forever ago and now there are new elders and we are the ones who get to say welcome to the MTC. The food lines get crazy long when the new elders come on Wednesday but on Monday and Tuesday they are super short because the old elders leave. This last Wednesday was crazy and we spent our whole lunchtime waiting in line just to get the food. The lunch people are so slow putting the food on the plate and most people take two the first time through because the line is way to long to come back and get more. So it takes forever to get food. With all the packages that everyone gets we are loaded up on food! All 8 elders get packages everyday and so we have piles of snacks and junk food in our rooms. If we are not sick of the MTC food we are sick from all the snacks we eat.

Last week our district went and bought CTR rings, not the simple green ones but cool ones made from carbon fiber and stuff. I got one that is silver with a blue CTR and the top of the T goes around the whole ring. It looks super cool. With the rings we do a cool trick and roll it through our fingers kinda like the poker chip trick with a ring on the bottom of the fingers. It is a fun little trick/tradition that other elders taught us. It is cool.

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