Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 5 Laughs and Pranks in Ayr

This week was full of laughs and pranks. We visited a less active family when we got back to Ayr and they love the missionaries. They have them over all the time. So we were bold and asked, “You love the gospel. You have told us it is true. What is holding you back?” Sister Potter said, “Well, I don't really know. Nothing really is.” So she might start coming to church again and Brother Potter told us he didn't want to talk about it now. He got really serious and then wanted to show us something. We thought he was going to tell us what was holding him back. He took my comp to the kitchen and I stayed back to talk with Sister Potter. He yelled, “Do you want some water elder?” I said, “Yeah that would be great.” So when they came back he had a water in one hand and had a glass of beer in the other. I thought, "This is what is holding you back huh." He offered it to me and I said, “You know we don't drink.” He then offered it to my comp and he said, “What the heck I will take a sip.” I didn't know what the heck was going on????? My comp had a glass of beer in his hand and was going to take a sip. It took him a sec and he finally took a tiny sip and did not like it one bit. Too bitter. But then he proceeded to chug the glass. My mind was going a million miles and hour. What do I do??? At that point everyone started to laugh so hard. I was so confused?? What was going on. Well, the Potters are big pranksters and I was the victim. There was no beer in the mug. It was just made to look that way. They wanted to see the look of concern and horror on my face. When Brother Potter took my comp over he told him about the prank. They got me good! It was so funny.

As the week went on we had a district meeting and we had to Skype into that. It was really cool. There were missionaries from all over my area on Skype having a meeting. That was fun to experience and to see other missionaries.

While knocking we came across a couple of people that were interested in learning more about religion and the gospel.

The first person is named Chery. She lives with her husband and daughter. We taught them the restoration and Book of Mormon and they were really interested and want to hear more. We will be meeting with them again this week. They are a great little family and told us they want to meet with us more so they can learn more about God and Jesus Christ. That was fun to hear.

While we were teaching Chery her friend Clarence came in to visit and he was interested in what we had to say. So we had a lesson with him after Chery. He had met missionaries before but never really talked with them, so he wanted to talk with us and see what we believe and do. We talked with him for a long time and he really liked what we told him and we had the prompting to invite him to be baptized. He thought about it for a long while and told us he wants to do as we said and pray to know if these things are true.

During the week we ran into a girl that was leaving the house but really wanted to talk to us and told us to come back tomorrow. This was surprising so the next day we showed up and she was all ready for us. We talked with her and got to know her. She is 17 and living on her own. Her parents are really negative and a big downer on her so she decided to move out and be more positive. She asked us why is there all this negativity in her life when she wants to be good? She feels like there is something big out there for her. So we talked about the plan of salvation and she really was comforted that God has a plan for her. We are going to talk with her again and invite her to be baptized. Her name is Teoan by the way.

Our last lesson was with a 22 year old father. When we met him he was shirtless, smoking, and overall just dirty. But he was wondering what the heck we were doing. He didn't say heck though. Swearing over here is normal language. Even some of the ward members swear causally. But this guy. Wow! He managed to drop more f bombs in a sentence then actual words! We talked a little with him at the door and then scheduled to come back in a few days to tell him more. So we went back and sat down and told him what a missionary is and what we do. We gave him a great lesson on God and Jesus Christ because he had little knowledge of who they were and what they did. He seemed to understand what we were saying and we challenged him to pray out loud for us. He did and it was a pretty funny pray but still a good prayer. Sadly he did not tell us if he felt anything like Rebecca did last week but he said he would pray and ask if the things we told him were true. All in all it was really fun to talk with him and teach him.

Some days I just look around and I still can’t believe I am in Australia. It is so crazy, At times it sorta feels American but then when people talk that kinda goes away. My accent is coming along great and I am picking up on their slang.

We were out finding again and it rained on us but not as bad as the day in Charters Towers. Still, it was fun to cool off and get refreshed.

I envy all of you in the cool crisp fall air in Utah. It is only getting hotter here so enjoyed the cold for me.

Love Elder Cahoon. 

Tan line

Beer Prank

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