Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 25 Enter at Your Own RIsk

This week was hard but so worth it!!

I wanna start out on Tuesday. We were getting ready to go to our chapel for a district meeting when we got a knock on our door. I thought it was pretty odd but still went to check. Well guess who it was... The Jehovah's Witnesses. haha boy do I wish I had some time for them that day. We had to go to our meeting though. It was great. The kid, about 20, was going out and the first words out of his mouth was "Ohh..." We meet him a few weeks ago at his house. So he told us a little about what they do. The next words were "hey now I know where you live." I wanted to say, “Yeah we know where you live and you know where we live so if we ever need a good bible bash just come over”. haha no but we had a good chat with him and wished him luck on his journey. It was a pretty funny way to start out the day!

With the new transfer here and with me still in Charters Towers and Ayr I wanted to really work harder than ever. I am 99% sure I will not be here next transfer. Eight months is a long time in one area. Anyway so we kicked it into turbo mode and started to work even harder. We were more diligent, caring, and more organized. We wrote in the area book every night and we also had no fear.

It all started out in our district meeting. We had some really good training and it inspired all of us. Usually our district leader sets the goals for the month but this time he had us text in what we as a companionship wanted and then he added them all up from everybody. Well we all have high goals so our district goal is just way up there!! 9 baptized, 25 people on b date, 55 member presents, 88 other lessons, 35 new investigators and so on. So they are pretty high for a few small areas. But like I said our district meeting was inspiring and we have all worked harder than ever before.

We were in Charters this week and it was hot. We meet with Angus a couple of times just to keep him going on the right track. All we have to do right now is wait for his birth certificate to come in the mail and then submit his marriage certificate. Then the 30 day countdown begins!! So we are gonna cut it close to transfer day. I don't think the Lord will have just kept me here this long to not see him baptized. So keep him and the mailman in your prayers.

Like I said we have high goals and everyone laughed when we saw them in our meeting but we worked hard this week. I looked at them and said why not. We picked this, now let's do it. So boy did we ever do it this week.

Every second we had we were finding. In the middle of the day with all the heat or even when it was getting late and almost time to go back to the flat. We were out. We got the most contacts we have ever gotten on my mission and pretty much broke all of our previous numbers for the last transfer in this week. 140 contacts, 11 other lessons, 2 member presents, 2 at sacrament ,11 potentials. Now it was not just us doing this. We could see the Lord's hand in our work. It was amazing. But with hard work comes opposition.

When we push harder so does Satan. He was really trying to slow the work down this week. Maybe you remember a few months ago we had a big Facebook thing go around about us and dogs. Well it took a big hit in our numbers and really made it hard for us. Well if finally cooled down a month or two ago... until this week. Geez these stupid dogs and Satan causes so much contention. The whole street knows we are coming because when one dog starts the rest of them come in. So #1 the dogs bark and drive everybody crazy. #2 I was walking along a fence and a dog got spooked because the fence was a big wood one and there was a hole. So when I went by the hole the dog got scared and barked even harder.

Well the lady of the house came running out yelling and screaming and cursing me off. I humbly took it and apologized for anything I did wrong. She continued to go off at me and then called the cops. So we said sorry for walking by and walked away. Well the cops drove by a few times during the day to keep an eye on us. Nothing wrong with that. The bad part comes when she posted on Facebook that we were traumatizing dog. So first it was poisoning dogs and now it is traumatizing them. Geez man it was nuts.

Charters has nothing better to do except gossip on Facebook. So within the day everybody was talking about us again and going off. We went to a member’s house and read the comments and posts. It was bad. We were wondering why nobody was answering their door that day. Well it was because the people were stalking us. It went like this. " hick street. They are on hick street. Oh now they are on Hodkinson St. Watch out. They are coming.'' So people got a warning to just pretend no one was home. It was the biggest pain in the butt. I did so much praying and more praying and by the end of the day the lady that started it had a change of heart and took it all down. So we are in the clear again. Take that one Satan. The Lord's work will always press on no matter what you throw at us.

Another funny dog experience was not as bad but really funny for us. There was a dog about my dog Ljufa’s size. So not big but still able to give you a good bite if he wanted to. The dog was barking and going crazy at us but when we stepped into the yard he ran to the back. There was a big sign that said “Beware of the dog. Enter at your own risk.” So we took that risk and the lady of the house came running out in a frantic scream. “What the curse word are you doing in my yard. Can’t you read the bloody sign???” I answered back, “Yes I can read.” Then I wanted to say but did not. Can you read. I didn't though. Just yes I can. So she asked what it said. I answered, “Beware of the dog.” She said, “Yes now get out of my yard.” I said, “Wait it says more. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am a missionary and I am willing to risk this to share this message with you.” We thought we were gonna have a great missionary experience but instead she just shut the door. It was pretty funny.

The rest of the week we just worked hard. We got some great new people to teach and some great people to follow up with. So we are really excited for what is to come. I want to leave this area knowing I gave it my all and leave it ready for the next guy.

Sunday we got a call from our zone leaders. They called and said where were you this week?? Charters Towers... What did you do all week? Mission work...are you sure?? Yes it was a really good week... Uh yeah this is the best numbers we have ever seen from your area and your district. It was great!! They were so impressed and proud. It was just fun to see that when we really do give it our all miracles happen and people recognize it. We could not have done it without the Lord's help. It was just such a good week and we are excited to be back in Ayr. Elder Bo said the ZL need to get ready for next Sunday when we send in the numbers. They are gonna be doubled for this week. So now we really need to get going and work hard. It is just so fun when you get lost in the work and really try to help people grow closer to the Lord. You go to bed feeling so good.

Before I sign off it is time for one last story. This time in Ayr. We got back on Saturday evening went to bed, woke up, went to church and then came back to our flat to find the power off. No power again. Nothing was on to trip a circuit board or anything. So we called the mission office. They made some calls and we got the manager, owner, and electrician to come out. By the way it was Sunday so this was just so amazing that they could come out. Before they came over we had a prayer that we could fix everything and solely focus on thy work this week. Well it turned out great! They came and had to do some digging and find the cable coming to out flat. There was a faulty circuit on the main complex board and not just our unit. So they got it all fixed and now we are set to go!!

This week is going to be amazing!! Thank you for your prayers and loving support!! Have a good week.

Elder Cahoon

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