Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 22 Sick of driving

Another crazy week in Ayr. It started out really good. We had a zone meeting and learned a lot of good things to help us with finding and teaching. I loved going to the meeting because I learned so much.

Nothing too big happened at the first of the week but we really tried to get out and go finding in the heat and get those people the Lord prepares. We did the same thing with the 5 streets this week and made it to a pretty big street. At the end of the long street there were 20 units. So we knocked the whole street then started on all the units.

The whole street was a big blow. Rejection after rejection, until we got to the units. We started at number 1 and the lady was eating but wanted us to come back tomorrow. She was really nice and also wanted a pamphlet. So we were excited for her. The blessing or miracle did not stop there.

We made it to unit 10 and the man was a real scary bloak. He asked if we were Mormons. We said, “Yes.” He then looked at us for a good amount of time thinking. After a bit he said, “What the hell. Come in.” Haha man what a reaction. I guess he has heard of us and wants to know more. He had heaps of good questions and told us he wants to find the true church. We ended up visiting him a few more times throughout the week and each time he was reading from the Book of Mormon when we got there!! What a miracle!!

We got a call from the ZL saying Elder Bo was getting transferred. I thought they were just kidding. You could sorta say that they were but not really. Since Eder Bo is Thai he speaks Thai. Well our ZL found a man that wants to learn more but his English is terrible. So... they thought we could do the world's biggest trade off for a weekend.

So on Friday we started the 300klm drive to Mackay. It is halfway between Rockhampton and us. It took about 3 1/2 hours to make it to Mackay. The Zl had a 3 hour drive. So right now I am with an Elder from Wyoming. Elder Kallas. What a man.

Anyway so this drive took the whole day since we had to come back the same day too.

The fun part about this whole thing is that Elder Talaipa got transferred to Mackay so I got to see him again in his area. He is doing great and goes home in 12 days.

Tomorrow we are going to make the drive back to Mckay and then back to Charters Towers. So it will be a 3 hour drive there and a 5 hour drive back. I am so sick of driving. It started out fun. Oh look at me I’m on the wrong side of the road, everything is different... Now it is so boring. Gotta do what the Lord wants done though so I continue to drive everywhere.

On Saturday we had scheduled to see Sipa in Bown. Again 1 1/2 hours away. Long drive. Some of you may know me as eagle eyes. I have really good eyesight. So while we were driving I saw something off the side of the road in the bush. I said, “Elder Kallas? Do you want a new camera?” We turned around and went to check it out. It was a really nice camera. I thought geez this poor guy. We are 1 1/2 hour in the bush. We watched his videos to see who he was and how we could get it to him. No name, number or anything. So we looked and looked as we drove back and fourth for a guy looking for a camera. He is a vlogger and has a bunch of really good gear but he is missing one of his cameras now. Luckily he rented a van and he showed the license plate. We called the company and asked if we could have their number to contact them. All they left was a number and it was a fake number. So now we are hoping when they return the car the company will give them our number so they can come get it. So all in all we have done heaps to try and find this guy but it looks like I just scored a camera.

While at the lesson with Sipa the spirit was so strong. Her cousins were testifying to her and we pretty much recapped all the lessons and she wants to get baptized Feb 25!! So I will still be here. The transfer ends the 27th and like I said I feel like I am leaving but who knows. I am so excited for her. There is no font but the ocean is right there so I get to go in the ocean too!! Everything on a mission is just so amazing and happy and full of love.

We had branch conference in Ayr so heaps of people from Townsville came along with the district president. It was amazing to see the Ayr Chapel full of people and what it could be like in the future. We had a really good line up for speakers - our branch president and the district president. They just did an amazing job and there was such a strong amazing spirit. They based their talks about growing this small branch and talked about us and all the work we do and how we need the members help too. It really got the branch going and things are just amazing!!

I can't write too much today, our district is going to Billabong Zoo so we have to leave in a bit. I think I covered everything. It was a great week but slow with all the driving.

Love you all so much have a good one.

Elder Cahoon

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